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  • Volare 5 years ago

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! I’ll be responding to all
    of you individually as soon as I get home. You guys rock!

  • Teekona Steiner 5 years ago

    Would you mind if I told you some tips about minecraft or do you want to
    figure things out yourself?

  • Rikku456 5 years ago

    If you work with glass a lot get an ENCHANTMENT TABLE!!!!!

  • DrLoopHole- Destiny And GTA5 5 years ago

    Did anyone ever tell you that you sound like stampy

  • Rebecca Hawkins 5 years ago


  • Dylan Alfaiate 5 years ago

    Hey Volare can you friend request me on the ps4.my name is rja0601

  • Leo Nik 5 years ago

    One day u will have 1 000 000 subs :) U deserve it.

  • Declan Taylor 5 years ago

    Could you add me plz i love your videos 

  • TheBbro 5 years ago


  • Teamglitch 5 years ago

    hey volare u are my favorite utuber 

  • Bubble Blue 5 years ago

    Yay!!!! You used ‘Bandit’!
    Was it because of meeeee?

  • Rebecca Hawkins 5 years ago

    3rd comment and u deserve more subscribers

  • PartTimeGamer 5 years ago

    Hey not surprised to see a great video from you! My microphone is working
    :( I can’t post 

  • Rhino_ Gaming 5 years ago

    Cool house p.s you rock and you should make a vending machine for you dogs 

  • Bubble Blue 5 years ago

    Subscriber Garden!!!

  • gabe oro 5 years ago


  • Rebecca Hawkins 5 years ago

    Make the house yellow and white!!! And make a statue of a egg in front of
    the house

  • Modieun 5 years ago

    Nic3 i <3 ur vids

  • Dylan Alfaiate 5 years ago

    Volare I think you should make a full set of iron armor plus a sword and

  • angel garcia 5 years ago
  • Rikku456 5 years ago

    It gives silk touch so you can break glass and get it back

  • Dylan Alfaiate 5 years ago

    Oh and Volare you should call the subscriber area The Subscriber Garden oh
    and PS you have amazing videos keep it up