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  • ThePurpleWither 5 years ago
  • Reynaldo Steven 5 years ago

    It should be called LEGENDARY CITY☺

  • Nathan Jones 5 years ago

    Was Richie in my school before? Ysgol Bontnewydd?

  • BLESS'ON PERRY 5 years ago

    i should definetley try doing a quick build challenge with woods

  • ThePurpleWither 5 years ago

    #Minecraft PS3 Let’s Build A City Series: Episode 6 THE FIRE STATION & FIRE

  • Nathan Jones 5 years ago

    North Lake City???

  • EnsurePlus 5 years ago

    I like your Idea of the City. When is the next episode?

  • Leo Bradley 5 years ago

    Thnx CODAW

  • MinecraftMods 5 years ago

    Seems Riche is a fan of KSI and not ThePurpleWither!

  • CODAW 5 years ago

    Sick Fire truck. Love it. 

  • MrLegitKill1 5 years ago

    Hey bro who made your intro?