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  • erijahlost 6 years ago

    Don’t know, I have an entirely different server than I did, (as far as
    people) and they would have to agree on having something like this again! I
    will bring it up. 😉

  • Subscribers 6 years ago

    cool thanks!

  • Subscribers 6 years ago

    when will there be another whitelist competition?

  • Purple Foongus 6 years ago

    Awesome Contest! I would love to be in the server but I don’t know how to
    commentate. Can you help me? C;

  • mc Diengeske 6 years ago

    that was a awesome staircase in the nether!! good luck to all contenders.

  • PondsnbPlays 6 years ago

    sent mine

  • Creeper Claus 6 years ago

    Can I send in a screenshot montage thing? I don’t have Fraps or any of your
    fancy paid Minecraft recording/audio/video editing software? If not I might
    ask someone to make if for me and I’ll send the map. Please reply.

  • ReplayBacon 6 years ago

    Sent mine