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  • OzzaWorld 5 years ago

    At the end you should do one mega time lapse of the whole thing sped up to
    like 4 minutes, it would be sick! :)

  • Chris Carroll 5 years ago

    One of the first my friend you the best ever Ily your amazing and deserved
    WAYYYY more the. You have

  • Farrahs 5 years ago
  • Jacob Optiz 5 years ago

    Ey Farris I have a question. For those wall tutorials you did a while back,
    did you ever find a way to curve them or allow them to go up hills, because
    I want to use them for my city’s inner walls, but I want to have them curve
    around the port and go slightly up and into a mountain. Just wondering.
    Also love the video, hopefully this will turn into a sprawling city with
    this as the center! :)

  • Sander Sveen Paulsen 5 years ago

    Csn you plz make a tutorial of this build? I really want to builf it on my
    durvival island 😀 And i really enjoy your advanced builds too 😀 this is
    also really awesome! Plz make a tutorial of this Town house :D

  • KingRayRay Ray 5 years ago

    are those cobblestone figures statues? Hard to tell form this angle 

  • Sander Sveen Paulsen 5 years ago


  • Muffi PlaysMC 5 years ago

    Hey Mr, will there be a tutorial of how to combine the townhall with the
    walls? Or just a townhall tutorial would be nice :)

  • DizzyAaron 5 years ago

    I love love how survival freindly all of your builds are! ! Going to go
    build this now!! Lol! :D

  • Alistair Mcgown 5 years ago


  • LEONIDIASS 5 years ago

    Nice Best builder :)

  • BudsCSGO 5 years ago

    Awesome. I love your style. :)

  • ralph isyoutubing 5 years ago

    won’t World Edit save you an insane amount of time?

  • Sander Sveen Paulsen 5 years ago