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  • xisumavoid 5 years ago

    It turned out great :-)

  • Pistachio Films 5 years ago

    You forgot the sweat box…

  • Dany Turcitu 5 years ago

    FOZZY UR THE BEST BY FAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U MAN !!!!!

  • Leo Danielsson 5 years ago

    Great job! but u know u can have nightvision on ur both accounts instead of
    putting glowstone… right? and it will maybe go out but u can simply use
    command blocks!

  • thijmen2610 5 years ago

    Build some offices in the next episode

  • NatopowerGaming 5 years ago

    New fav Youtuber right here 😀

    – Nate

  • TheEternalOverlord 5 years ago

    Fizz bury high rise 

  • TagcastCrew 5 years ago

    You, My Friend, Have Earned, Me, As A, SUBSCRIBER!!

  • Kaui M. 5 years ago

    When you said Sports Center, I thought it was going to be like a Sports
    Authority, If they have that in the UK

  • _DarkWolf_ 5 years ago

    Aghhh!!!!! Sports!!!!” Everybody run!!!!

  • diamond finderkai 5 years ago

    Nice video fozz

    Btw FIRST

  • Danny Duck MC 5 years ago

    Its Lovely, plus the rains fine. You’re a Brit :P

  • Pada Twist 5 years ago

    Yay! Did you listen to my coment the latest 5 videos?

  • Emma ThisIsMyRealSurname 5 years ago

    Good build but I would like to see it less blocky and more detailed. You
    should also make some custom trees and a park for people to play in. Then
    you can add in football and tennis courts.

  • Christian Alsgren 5 years ago

    i like it.

    btw 2.

  • Shutmc1 5 years ago

    Your city sports a great sport center.

  • MP Looming 5 years ago

    Build a massive cathedral?

  • Marcus Laffey 5 years ago

    Make a baseball stadium!! I can help you build it if you want.