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  • Zaccybacon 5 years ago

    Where I live part of the cine world has been changed into iMac and it’s so

  • Bob Duijne 5 years ago

    i like you builds very much :D

  • Tele Toby 5 years ago

    Brilliant production quality once again mate ;)

  • KaOs_Storm 5 years ago

    Great video like always fozzy
    maybe you could make a Town Hall or maybe a Apartment Complex

  • The Russian Gamer 5 years ago

    What a great build fozzy!

  • Pistachio Films 5 years ago

    This isn’t just like Shrewsbury Cineworld, it is EXACTLY like Shrewsbury
    Cineworld from the segments of the rooms to the shape of the building.

  • MinecraftSss 5 years ago

    I like that you want people to do stuff with the town, but
    I’m sad you don’t want anyone to do anything with the download. (Community
    Anvil. . .) and as always, thx for the awesome content!

  • Emma ThisIsMyRealSurname 5 years ago

    I want play this with microblocks but I don’t have twitter… Can I just
    comment a link to an imgur album of it when it’s done?

  • Olecda Kacid 5 years ago

    Love ur video so much, you deserve more sub. :)

  • Pada Twist 5 years ago

    I love to get home after a bad school day, and se that you have uploaded!
    Cant download, becouse im using school computer but i would probably add a
    Hockey arena or a football stadium!
    How do you even come up with this BIG builds never stop!

  • Tom Lonergan 5 years ago

    Build house or a block of flats or a hotel or something. Otherwise what is
    the point of a school and all the other stuff? ☺

  • Kate and Noah Bradley 5 years ago

    *You have a wonderful city there, but citizens can’t see. How about you add
    a power plant and connect it up to all the buildings using power lines.*

    *New Quest: A Powerful Change*
    Build a power plant and use power lines to link all the buildings to it

    +50% Happiness
    Unlocks Water Plant
    Unlocks Water Treatment Facility

  • Rafael Olivera 5 years ago

    Yew need a apartment m8
    Or noones gunna live dere, even doe tis great

  • TheJJ100100 5 years ago


  • Anthony Laraway 5 years ago

    Excellent video as always! Have you ever thought of building a hunger games
    map? That would be an awesome Let’s Build series you could do.

  • gianluca moores 5 years ago

    Fozzy plz do another Q a A and my question would be what is your computer 

  • Oper Guard 5 years ago

    Nice one mate! :)

  • James 3906 5 years ago

    I wish you had a billion subs cause you deserve it!

  • TheJJ100100 5 years ago

    Why not vue?

  • MidtGamingDK 5 years ago

    It could be awesome if you would do building toturials on some of those

  • Daniel Stoopendahl 5 years ago

    Wow, you really deserve more subs. 

  • Aaron Stout 5 years ago

    I will probably make it 1.7.10 compatible so I can use mods to put in
    working planes, cars and a lot of other things that I have in the modpack

  • Nick Boudreaux 5 years ago

    what do you use to record and what all mods do you use

  • eivind fredriksen 5 years ago

    Why do you not use world edit, then you would have time to build even more?
    By the way, will you ever build in mcpe?