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  • YOGSCAST Sjin 5 years ago

    We continue to build the Disney Castle!

  • James B 5 years ago

    I’d love to see the nether with this texture pack :D

  • CptChu 5 years ago

    How long would it take Sjin to build Rivendell, I wonder.

  • Joey Hawk 5 years ago

    It would be a nice build idea to build an ewok village…

  • Kanari Lira 5 years ago

    I think one of the yogscasts enemy’s lair would be cool!

  • Dan Nordvoll 5 years ago

    Make yogtowers in minecraft with every detail even the offices

  • Luke Lengic 5 years ago

    Give us the world download of this world with every episode you do in it.
    Update it every time, please, don’t be selfish, spread the love. I want to
    do some stuff in your world in singleplayer creative mode, so please, for
    us, your subscribers who have been supporting you for years now, give us
    for once what we want.

  • Jorge Raminhos 5 years ago

    i love this series, so if possible could you make this videos more often?,
    they are really good and I cant have enough of them!

  • legohero2002 5 years ago

    Please can you build all of: the castle(ALL of Hogwarts secret
    passages loads of rooms that we hear/read/see in the story, room of
    requirement), the greenhouses, the shrieking shack, diagon alley, number 4
    privet drive and the ministry of magic.
    no hate I am just going through a Harry Potter phase AGAIN

  • James Blond 5 years ago

    Notre Dame Cathedral?

  • Daniel Rhodes 5 years ago

    I wonder what this would look like at the end if you had the vanilla
    texture pack. :P

  • Captain Leo 5 years ago

    What is the building in the distance at 6:54 

  • marklenthecool 5 years ago

    Honestly, I’ve not been so keen on the last two builds. I didn’t like
    Frozen, and this build is just way too similar to the last one :
    The stuff you’ve been adding to the kingdom is a bit meh too, other than
    the farmstead. I felt like the base and port were a bit boring, and
    honestly I think the new textures you’ve been using leave a lot to be

    I’d like to see you tackle a new big project, like when you made the
    kingdom and Dale.

  • Michael C 5 years ago

    Also, who is that player who is recording you (I can see his shadow)

  • ceeeyyd 5 years ago

    can you build hogwarts next? and maybe a quid ditch field as a small build

  • Matt Sinz 5 years ago

    Actually the Disney castle is from Sleeping Beauty not Cinderella.

  • Sins Twinz 5 years ago

    stromwind or silvermoon would look absolutely breathtaking, or rivendell 

  • Alexhikari 5 years ago

    So what is this in game World Edit you’re using? Can I have a link?

  • Ameri-Tron 9001 5 years ago

    Are you using the Builder’s Wand in this, Sjin?

  • Sam Bernal 5 years ago

    Sponsored by disney 

  • JammieDavz 5 years ago

    A survival series where your aim is to get materials and make lots of
    different let’s builds would be amazing! Just an idea ;)

  • Jun Choe 5 years ago

    How do u copy and paste in minecraft

  • Hunter Brown 5 years ago

    Nuff said, Red Keep.

  • beescoot 5 years ago

    I’m surprised no one has brought up that “The castle details are so bad.
    Those designers should be fired” discussion from the Arandelle from Frozen
    videos. That seemed like a pretty heated argument, as well as being utterly

  • asd3000oo 5 years ago

    Dear Sjin,
    I think you should use your creativity and construct your own build rather
    than an already constructed build from movies. Although Erebor was based on
    The Hobbit, I liked it as it had your own touch to it as it wasnt 100%
    accurate (unlike this build). Try your hand at another build like the evil
    castle or the medieval kingdom.
    From asd3000oo, a loyal subscriber.