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  • Liam Powerl 6 years ago

    (“)_(“) Professor Bunny Has joined bob’s army please repost to let people
    know of this new highly expertise member. #BOBSBATTLE

  • EricSmaSh235 6 years ago

    The Downloadlink doesnt Work -.-

  • Comon Flagella 6 years ago

    jukebox for dispensing water… 😛

  • Epicballzy 6 years ago

    PFFT i can build better than that….. in my dreams :(

  • redXsh4rp13 6 years ago

    4 people are jealous. :3

  • djAnakin 6 years ago

    Man, the music on these videos is incredible. Where do you get it? Sounds
    almost like Game of Thrones.

  • Pyrite Man 6 years ago

    Hmm what you need is some sort of livestock farms For your city to eat. and
    Great Video Keep it going

  • halsti99 6 years ago

    just everything you do looks sooo good !..

  • Wayward Vagabond 6 years ago

    My god…There’s a feeling you get when you walk into that area that cannot
    easily be replicated. The combination of the shaders, the fact that you are
    in the sky, and just the pure amount of work and detail in the buildings
    that gives it a really warm, free feeling. I absolutely love it.

  • xXxKingMikexXx 6 years ago

    I heard of Mithrintia by the Syndicate Project. 😀

  • ximmelvs 6 years ago

    could anyone tell me what the background music is called?

  • marcselo1 6 years ago

    Is this song was inspired by the Transformers fighting music?

  • THEroach659 6 years ago

    You could make an airship acadamy

  • thenamesomis q 6 years ago

    great job 😀

  • MrC4ctu5 6 years ago

    You could build like a big park with a river that goes into the void :3

  • kondinator 6 years ago

    I really like you building style, SO MUCH DETAIL! i absolutely love it!

  • Pietghigi 6 years ago

    I know you with hypixel’s server and you are a machine :O your talent is
    incredible and beautiful! My favorite map of you is island (because i win
    often :3) i love you

  • byekv1 6 years ago

    How about a prison

  • Johnny X 6 years ago

    A really nice looking town square. :)

  • Pearce Sundquist 6 years ago

    Practice, sonny. If you go on the Mithrintia server you will find that
    there are a lot of really good builders, and I like to count myself among

  • 837sock 6 years ago

    How do you guys coordinate everything so well so that you all know where
    and how to build everything????? Its amazing!!!

  • StakeCake 6 years ago

    it not racist? I am talking about the colour are you stupid are just
    tainted by society’s view of racism?

  • Lord Nether 6 years ago

    WAAH ! Y I BE SO NOOBY ?!!?!? D’:

  • Christopher Moore 6 years ago

    Plz do these vids more often plz

  • FG Raven 6 years ago

    Me on Xbox could follow clearer or a schematic :-)