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  • Ihrwisstschonwer lp 6 years ago

    could someone pls animate this battle???

  • Mr13Apples 6 years ago

    The note was from king Benjo 😉

  • Deio95 6 years ago

    when i click in the link to download it give me error :(

  • Kit R-M 6 years ago

    Pls make a mid war scene it would look epic

  • Bogdan Savitskiy 6 years ago

    Build something simuliar to dwarfs plz:3333

  • Vadact 6 years ago

    The download link is in the description! Enjoy :)

  • Stefangs101M 6 years ago

    A suppurate island with a giant clock-tower-looking cannon!

  • MySoplik 6 years ago

    Buil a prison

  • JockeTG 6 years ago

    next try to build the kings ship :3 with loads o gold

  • coolundbidda 6 years ago

    This is officially awesome

  • ProfessorFoShizzles 6 years ago

    i told you this in the last build too, but build houses for the people that
    live in the Steam Islands.

  • PaulEausW 6 years ago

    this map is beautifull 😀

  • LlamaFreakGames 6 years ago

    can you have a download for the original map not just the one you edited?

  • Makutaman27 6 years ago

    You should it keep up with defense builds and make a barracks or something.

  • Connor Fitzpatrick 6 years ago

    You should build residential islanfs next so you can have a readon to build
    more ships and more business builds

  • TheHeadlessMiner 6 years ago

    hi :)

  • pit92 6 years ago

    What shader-mod is this?

  • JynxHD 6 years ago

    Does the texture pack work in the new update with horses and everything?

  • MadebyYuno 6 years ago


  • Simon Götz 6 years ago

    fantastic! Keep the good work up and please when you are done make it
    downloadable :D!

  • Mexi Sun 6 years ago

    download Bibliocraft to give that more asthetic feel to your builds

  • EnderMania98 6 years ago

    did anyone notice that the flag is the spanish flag?

  • UKCodMC [BDR] 6 years ago

    A Steam fleet were there will be too sides and ships firing at each other
    and ships crashing into each other with parts of the ship coming apart, I
    was thinking if the ships actually fired TNT and arrows.

  • NicholasLeaf 6 years ago

    What is the music on timelapse and the end?

  • MadebyYuno 6 years ago

    Name of the Music ? Realy Epic