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  • Vixella 5 years ago

    This is so cute & pretty! ♥

  • Mitty 5 years ago

    I’ve missed playing minecraft and wanted to just relax play. I also teach
    you all how to build giant flowers for spring. I hope you like this type of
    content. If you all do, please let me know down in the comment section
    below for more! Love you all and Hope your day/night is going great! EDIT:
    Also I was told my last video had bad audio, let me know if any of you are
    having problems <3 

  • Ella Lussekatt 5 years ago

    Mitty can you please build some clouds?? it`s so difficult! xD

  • Vivian Senpai 5 years ago

    You should do more of these laid back vids for a break <3

  • Jake Jarrett 5 years ago


  • Olivia Yuksel 5 years ago

    What texture pack are you using? Love your vids btw

  • that's not my baby 5 years ago

    The thing you said about the pixel pact, does that mean you, Lauren,
    Lizzie, Annie, Yammy, Kat, Nora and Angie? Or is it just who can

  • Brooke Neal 5 years ago

    You should make a fairytale themed minecraft series where you are a lost

  • Jewel Ly 5 years ago


  • stella tang 5 years ago

    35th comment! :D

  • Nether Dragon 5 years ago

    Mitty, you should get the Dual Hotbar mod! It will help so much. It gives
    two hot bars and for building it helps so much! I mean you can put some
    blocks in the top row of your normal inventory and use them too. But you
    should is build rabbits, and all sorts of adorable things that revolve
    around spring. And do one for summer, fall and maybe winter?

  • Amber Helmhout 5 years ago

    Beautiful texture pack <33

  • Cuzcraft Revolution 5 years ago

    Is nyanstrike going to in the pixel pack series 

  • how bout “Mitty Makes: *____*”

  • TwillBerry TV 5 years ago

    Hi Mitty. Will you do another minecraft survival series? If so i have some
    Something spooky spooks
    Or something from a jungle with some mods and things like that

    I love your MCLP and what is up with enchanted oasis? Was it also

  • Kellie Carranco 5 years ago

    MITTY your back!!!!!!!!

  • Jess the husky♥ 5 years ago
  • AlidogGames 5 years ago

    I think you should definitely make is a mini series! I always love your
    Minecraft builds so I’m excited for this mini series! <3

  • growtopianlover27 5 years ago

    The side of the mountain looks like a bunny

  • cookie the dog 5 years ago

    Love the vid ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • soulcaste 5 years ago

    i am so happy that you are a youtuber, you are a great person and i loveee
    you, btw: is whimsylux coming back?

  • Shadow_Simmer Gurl 5 years ago

    Whats your minecraft username?


  • Lil Nature 5 years ago

    hello Mitty

  • Demi Ha 5 years ago

    If you do continue the series, can you call it “The SpringSpiration Series”
    or just “The SpringSpiration?”

  • suk gurung 5 years ago

    Hi Mitty I am new to this channel please tell me what texture pack you are