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  • Rocky Mc 7 years ago

    i love ur building so i subbed :DD plus the starter house is good (for me) its? not really a starter house for me

  • RBDMCentral 7 years ago

    Sorry for spam, but would you please take your time to check out my friend and I’s new dual channel, we do tutorials, music and many more, we also upload? daily!

  • Kiara2011Smile 7 years ago

    Making this house I have never dug so much sand.. but it turned? out awesome!

  • DeathHound2323 7 years ago

    do download dude?

  • sidskiller 7 years ago

    uoi? should had used normal texture pack :S

  • DesertRanger9999 7 years ago

    Soartex? fanver

  • Andrew Auwyang 7 years ago

    What’s your texture? pack?

  • TheComptonGs 7 years ago


  • jacobshake 7 years ago

    I? preferred the other houses better.

  • nelsonhenry53 7 years ago

    Impressive :-)?

  • Minecraftguy690 7 years ago

    Whats? Your Texture Pack

  • TopHotManPato34 7 years ago

    Like the? texture pack and thanks for making videos :)

  • LeSirPotatoes 7 years ago

    This is a starter house?

    Jesus, this looks like the house I will build after like 1? year of playing minecraft XD

  • XxyoungchillerxX 7 years ago

    is it regular sandstone or smooth sandstone??

  • SolaRVidZ 7 years ago

    love the vids keep it up

  • ULTRAPRODUCTIONS0 7 years ago

    what texture pack is this?

  • PiggyGrunt 7 years ago

    Single player commands

  • Marko Petrovic 7 years ago

    what minecrfat version is this?


  • Elijah S 7 years ago

    How do u reach so? far

  • haley hawkins 7 years ago

    can u? please make some more mansion tutorials

  • Jakub Z 7 years ago

    Im Czech, i don’t understand? but its awesome :3 😀 i like u guy ;D

  • ShadowGamingNation 7 years ago

    how do? you put your reach that far

  • PrinceVelthur 7 years ago

    Your using single player commands for filling in walls right? Where? can i download them? The link in the description gives me an error message.

  • TrIkZ Clan 7 years ago

    could u show the ip to? the server?

  • [RANDLINE-text.txt]