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  • Smithers Boss 5 years ago

    Minecraft: Let’s Build – Modern Concept Home 2 – Part 9

  • Sparky Miner 5 years ago

    Loved your laundry and meth lab on WOK <3

  • Zane Anderson 5 years ago

    Subscribed from WOK 😛

    Amazing job!!

  • ben lawther 5 years ago

    Your meth lab was awsome that’s the first time I’ve ever said that 

  • Tom van Giessen 5 years ago

    I LOVE you’re video’s smithers boss!!!

  • Pammy Athos 5 years ago

    Dear Smithers I have just subscribes to you and I am so thankful I found
    your channel your an amazing builder and I can’t wait to see the other
    builds in the future please keep it up

  • CaptainAfroMC 5 years ago

    Sick man

  • Griffster13 5 years ago

    what program do you use to make your intro and is it free please answer i
    really want to learn how to make a cool intro and would love if you replied

  • Modern MC7 5 years ago

    Congrats on getting your build reviewed! Looked epic!

  • EvanDonRocks 5 years ago

    Did you know that Keralis spotlighted your build on his channel?

  • christopher sumner 5 years ago

    the idea to pull the pool out was a great idea. The landscaping was well
    done as well.You briefly mentioned the idea of doing a tips and ticks video
    and i think that is something that i would like to see, but overall i
    really do enjoy watching your builds man

  • VisAllWaters Minecraft 5 years ago

    I like your builds they are always cool

  • DudeGuy's Realm 5 years ago

    Dude how did you install world edit

  • Mr Call Of Duty 5 years ago

    You should do oak and birch trees mixed because thats looks awesome and
    this house is looking very nice and is there going to be a download when
    its done?

  • KoLusimKreations 5 years ago

    Love the intro, who made it? :3

  • ZariusHD 5 years ago


  • Ryan Willcox 5 years ago

    Looks awesome!

  • Reda Taliani 5 years ago

    You have amazing content! I’m gonna get you a million subs!

  • CAnuxHD 5 years ago

    Great channel glad I checked it out after watching keralises vid of your
    amazing breaking bad metglab/laudrette. Keep up the great work.

  • RayTheGamer 99 5 years ago

    Awesome house! You deserved a Like and a Subscribe! Keep the hard work!

  • leoBuerkle 5 years ago

    how can you use world edit in minecraft 1.8?

  • Matthew Matveev 5 years ago

    You got on to one of Keralis’ videos! btw subd. :D