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  • Smithers Boss 3 years ago

    Minecraft: Let’s Build – Modern Concept Home 2 – Part 6

  • TOA5TY 3 years ago

    Looks great dude,keep it up m9 :D

  • MisterOwlz 3 years ago

    It’s looking good!

  • Your Everyday Gamers 3 years ago

    Can i ask whats the intro song

  • Slimekiller406 3 years ago

    **Do a traditional house**! Please

  • NinjoOnline 3 years ago

    what server is this on??

  • Aidan King 3 years ago

    can you give us the download plz

  • HT 4LYF 3 years ago

    A great video as always can’t wait to see what you’ve got for the next one 

  • Jax Plays 3 years ago

    loving it!

  • Harry Redcliffe 3 years ago

    texture pack? nice build

  • CaptainAfroMC 3 years ago

    too kewl m8

  • Mr Call Of Duty 3 years ago

    Did you used an program to install flows hd because it aint working on my
    computer but other texturepacks do work btw nice house