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  • Madnes64 5 years ago

    Almost done with that big annoying house :)

  • Zadenchrom - Minecraft Architects 5 years ago

    Kann man dich eigt. bezahlen, damit auf einen RPG-Server baust? :D

  • Unhooking Noam 5 years ago

    Anyone wanna build medieval together. On pc or xbox 360. My gametrailers on
    xbox is:UnhookingNoam if u add me to build together say, medieval 

  • Meine Fresse 5 years ago

    Maybe you could use this house as a storage for the little market next
    door; that would also explain the crane nicely

  • Howie Wolowitz 5 years ago

    Nice I am in love with your vids + sub 

  • Dack Janiel 5 years ago

    Could you possibly make a tavern/inn tutorial in the future? i made one or
    two in my city but there is something about them that just doesn’t look
    right, and i was wondering if you had any cool ideas. And great vid btw :)

  • Udesii Baar'ur 5 years ago

    Maybe a jail or a church would look good in this quarter. Just an idea to
    help mix things up a little.

  • The Slaughter 5 years ago

    Nice video :) Yeah i dont looked it to the end, but i will :) You can be
    confident. You one of my favorite YouTubers :)
    I want to ask you something :) Ähmm If you need to build more houses, how
    you build then ? – First the backbone or as long as you build on one until
    it is finished and then to the next ? 

  • Daniel Fisher 5 years ago

    These videos are usually really good. This series just seems dull. you dont
    need 9 videos to get across how to build medevil row homes. But then again
    he says it is not a tutorial.

  • Avail Stevenn I dual with ermac! 5 years ago


  • CreeperManGladiator 5 years ago

    if you want i can do a minecraft youtube icon for you for a 100% free im
    just trying to grow my channel

  • koonmat54 5 years ago

    You good idea madness64!!!!!!

  • Caleb Couture 5 years ago

    When is your next video comming

  • Tommy Rosendahl 5 years ago

    Please use more hardened clay

  • micha helgesson 5 years ago

    Make longer videos Cause you make it so stressfull with the time all the
    time.btw nice vid:)

  • Kienen Dyer 5 years ago

    Hey I truly love your stuff, I take a lot of your advice in my building but
    then one thing you have truly mastered that I just can’t grasp is archways
    and well simply circular building. Archways would be pivotal in my
    buildings for things like bridges and cathedrals, could you do a video on

  • Avrey Alliance 5 years ago

    Nice episode madness :)

  • Cade Abbott 5 years ago

    u need to make these videos more often if u can…
    i like where this is going

  • Abby Schoonover 5 years ago

    Great video as always! I love hearing the ideas and thoughts behind your
    style of building. (Not in this series but) you should do a tutorial on a
    jail or something of the like!

  • Miguel Carreon 5 years ago

    Make more bideos 

  • Emilson Beltran 5 years ago


  • CarsonTheTurtle 5 years ago

    Madnes, would you be willing do do a battle arena tutorial?

  • Devonius ! 5 years ago

    What Happened To JeraCraft. Why Aint He Uploading =( Ps Great Video TOTAL

  • Avail Stevenn I dual with ermac! 5 years ago

    could you give us a tour of the city in the near future? 

  • Petr Stuchlý 5 years ago

    you seemed distracted in comparison with the previous episodes, but i still
    liked the video! can’t wait to see the house completed! :)