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  • Madnes64 5 years ago

    Slowly but surely things are coming together :)

  • vorpalthefox 5 years ago

    The slit in the walls are called embrasures, more commonly known as arrow
    slits. Personally i like embrasure more XD

  • Modden 5 years ago

    Is there anyone here building on the 360? Well I do, and I’m building a
    huge city with lots of detail and interior. Add me if you want to build
    with me or have a look. :)
    GT: meModden
    Don’t mind my videos in my channel where I display an ugly old city because
    I’ve started a new one.. :)

  • Jesper Denkvist 5 years ago

    Gymno at the kargeth server just suddenly starts to say “Dude, shut up” of
    nothing, Then i say “What?” and he calls me stupid if i don’t understand on
    real. He says “Are you really that stupid” and that things, and my answear
    was “Maybe” and after that he will NEVER talk to me again. Thats not okay.
    Now i can’t get any kind of contact with him. Gymno is builder, and i hope
    you know who it is in real life, so u can tell him whats okay, and not.
    Please Madnes. Please. 

  • Bunkii 5 years ago

    About coping, I think you should mension that, for a start, strictly coping
    something somebody did is really great to learn the style. It’s like having
    a praticle example on top of the theory (here, your explanation). For me at
    least, this work great

  • AWESOMESAUCE WITH BLAM!!! 5 years ago

    I would call the holes slits

  • Victor Cicko Funder 5 years ago

    I love your videos madness they really helped me a lot with improving my
    building technics

  • Moonsquig Plays Minecraft 5 years ago

    I think the word you were looking for is arrow slits! :)

  • WutherGameplay 5 years ago

    not first!

  • KingdomCraft Builds 5 years ago

    Great let’s build madnes64!
    Very inspirational! 

  • Fra Worth 5 years ago

    arrow slits

  • Árpád Tóth 5 years ago

    Why don’t you use diorite instead of wool in walls? Feels kinda unnatural
    to build a wollen wall.

  • Ludvig Lehmann 5 years ago

    pleas make a tutorial for this wall design !!!!!! :-)

  • Hyven 5 years ago

    Deine englischen Videos anzuschauen ist auch mal ganz nett! :)

  • Ermin Mumic 5 years ago

    Hey Madnes könntest du wieder tutorials bringen..?
    Zum Beispiele: Marktplatz,Rathaus,versch.Häuser etc.
    Natürlich alles im mittelalterlichem Styl.
    LG Ermin

  • Fabio Santos 5 years ago

    Hello there Madnes64… I watched most of your videos with tips and
    tutorials about create a world in minecraft, and also they were useful to
    help me creating my server (Still WIP), but I got a suggestion if you like
    to explore… For long I look for tips or tutorial to create Elven Ruins
    but there are none of them at the momment, so I like to suggest you to make
    a video about tips or tutorials to create nice cool elvish ruins since the
    elves have a very proper architecture… What you think?

  • Daniel Konecny 5 years ago

    Could you please in a future make a tutorial to those city walls? They look
    really awesome. Btw great job.

  • alexander de 5 years ago

    hey madnes i have a idea for the quarter may be you need to ad a smity down
    the street

  • Frank Matthes 5 years ago

    Mach doch mal pls wieder deutsche Tutorials D:

  • Joe Knapton 5 years ago

    I think the word you are looking for is slits in the wall

  • Valgonir 5 years ago

    Nice, I like it :3

  • Da Evil 5 years ago

    Hey i think you should check out this new game its called Medieval
    Engineers its on steam

  • ulrik vardan 5 years ago

    How to Get world edit (or what Ever program u are using) for 1.8(.3)?
    Love ur vids! <3

  • CRAZ3YGAM3R96 5 years ago

    I love this new series but I’m curious to how much progress you have made
    to thesarion since your last city update video I love seeing the progress
    and it only inspires me to try to push forward in making my own city

  • The Bizz 5 years ago

    Really cool