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  • Madnes64 5 years ago

    Another small step closer towards completion of the city quarter :)

  • FD Builds 5 years ago

    Audio cuts out constantly

  • CaptainTroak 5 years ago

    You’re microphone keeps fading out every now and then, Don’t know if you
    can fix that. But if you could this video would be flawless! nice video

  • Stern Ritter 5 years ago

    Can you make one episode where you will show whole town. And for the parts
    of town that are unfinished you can tell us what are you planning to build.

  • Imhotep 5 years ago

    (Deutsche Übersetzung weiter unten)
    I like more or less your Style, but it bothers me that the street is so
    wide. When I think me in the medieval times, I stand in narrow alleys with
    less skylight. Also the roofs are a little bit boring and standard for me.
    That’s just my opinion but the wide street irritateded me a lot. Sorry when
    my English is bad.

    Ich mag den Stil ja mehr oder weniger, aber es stört mich irgentwie die
    breite Straße. Also wenn ich mich ins Mittelalter denke,stehe ich in
    schmalen Gassen mit wenig Sonnenlicht. Außerdem finde ich die Dächer recht
    langweilig und standardmäßig. Das ist nur meine Meinung, aber die breite
    Staße verwirrt mich schon sehr.
    Lg Imhotep

  • boshty 5 years ago

    really think you should timelapse you building alot more per episode. i
    watch a bit of the start then skip to the end to see only a tiny building

  • Tal Glazer 5 years ago

    Say, do you plan on finishing Kargeth at some point or is it like a
    forever-build project?

  • Felix Hartmann 5 years ago

    So wie dus jetzt machst find ichs perfekt! Man kann dir gut folgen :)

  • Jadenman 5 years ago

    Nothing brings back the nostalgia and the joy of old Minecraft quite like
    Madnes’ videos. Hope life is treating you well, thanks for uploading
    despite being busy ^_^

  • Felix Hartmann 5 years ago

    In welcher Minecraft Version spielst du eigentlich?

  • RighteousGrunt 5 years ago

    great series, this style looks incredibly good with the amounts of
    variation and how it really feels like a medieval city. with regards to the
    time it takes for building each house, maybe cut out building certain parts
    of the house such as walls where its pretty basic, or just doing some parts
    off screen and explaining it afterwards just to get more progress into one
    video. but as i said, really enjoying this series so far and hope it

  • Timothy Eikerts 5 years ago

    Madnes64 are you having microphone troubles?

  • SWATDRUMMUH 5 years ago

    i wouldn’t mind having a house in one of your cities, i think it’d be cool

  • The Bizz 5 years ago

    I plan on using this stile of building for my city. It is so cool

  • Moonsquig Plays Minecraft 5 years ago

    Could you do a video about finishing big projects because I find it very
    difficult to stick with projects and complete them.

  • Matthew Cookies! 5 years ago

    Can you make a tutorial for making the city wall of you city

  • Abby Schoonover 5 years ago

    Love listening to you talk and explain why and how you build various things
    and I love seeing the world edit tricks you use! The video is great as
    always and I am currently building my own (much smaller) medieval city in
    the similar style and videos like this are so helpful!!

  • Elias Kehrli 5 years ago

    cool video dude;)

  • Koji090 5 years ago

    War da etwa ein Anflug von Bonaparte zu hören? :D

  • Mikkel Juul Østberg 5 years ago

    This video is really good and i like the series but, isn’t minecraft kinda
    dead? Or is that just me? Not saying you should stop making videos about it
    cause i still find them interesting just asking if its only me who feels
    like noone plays MC anymore

  • Cade Abbott 5 years ago

    do all of yall agree that he should start doing vlogs?

  • GamesLikeBosZ 5 years ago

    Madness64 can you make a medieval world downloadable for xbox one, or make
    this world downloadable with mediafire.

    Anyway your a fantastic builder and pls make a medieval prison tutorial.

    Love your work,



  • NeoLK95 5 years ago

    Haha! That Bonaparte reference :D

  • MarshmallowCrate 5 years ago

    I like the pace you are keeping. Its fast enough that I don’t get bored,
    but slow enough that I don’t feel rushed. Enjoying this series a lot
    Madnes, thanks for all your hard work!

  • MA Medieval Crusaders 5 years ago

    Despite most people’s opinion on the video/series, i love the new style and
    i like the way the buildings are so clustered together! Keep up the great
    work, you are such an inspiration to me, my channel, and my subscribers!