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  • Madnes64 5 years ago

    A few last details and the annoying house is done :)

  • Christian Sanders 5 years ago

    you should really dabble into using Andesite (not the polished one). It
    mixes in nicely with stone and sort of looks like a smoother cobblestone.

  • KyoZero 5 years ago

    You have literally spent these last 3 episodes doing one house, if you want
    to prevent this series being complete by 2018 at the earliest, then you
    might want to consider doing a few house time lapses to save time

  • AWESOMESAUCE WITH BLAM!!! 5 years ago

    I think the next house on this connected house thing should be the last and
    should slant down to finish it off

  • BLTspace 5 years ago

    I fell a bit behind in this series but everything is looking awesome.
    Within the first seconds of every episode I start getting inspired to build
    in my world lol. Love the thought that goes into every block. Keep it up!

  • ChrisselLP 5 years ago

    Wieder mal ein toller und inspirierender Part 😉
    Ich mach momentan auch so ein ähnliches Projekt bei dem ich eine
    Mittelalter Adventure Map baue und das als Timelapse kommentiere usw.
    😉 Bin gerade beim Hafen mit der Kaimauer und dem Beginn des Hafenviertels
    mit Fachwerkhäusern und mich würde es echt interessieren was du von diesem
    Format hälst… so als Profi :DD
    Wär echt interessant zu wissen wie du es findest 😀

    Mfg Chrissel

  • Magnus Andre Kristiansen 5 years ago

    Wow, I have subscribed to you for 2 years now :D

  • DanMacBen 5 years ago

    Dude, what’s up with the motion blur?

  • Lush Misha 5 years ago

    Mad? Did you ever do Architecture when you were in education. Because, my
    god you have a great imagination.

  • TamorrLW 5 years ago

    Every time I watch one of these, it reminds me of how I go about things;
    well similar anyway. I don’t randomize a whole lot, at least in the walls
    of my buildings… Regardless it is a good thing seeing the framework &
    explanations, and from that I can even get some inspirations among the tips.

    Would a storage area be suiting to that cave, like a storehouse of some
    kind… Was the first thing I thought of when mention and looks of the cave.

    Doing well in my opinion, as I rather enjoy the series so far.:)

  • BiomeCreations 5 years ago

    Ey, check mijn kanaal als je bouwtutorials zoekt op minecraft

  • hawkeye12589 5 years ago

    I am gonna use ur kargeth map in an animation is that ok?

  • KingdomCraft Builds 5 years ago

    More of this! Please! This was incredibly inspirational and very

  • jonathan kalish 5 years ago

    6:10 Same quote appears in the song “Civil War” by guns and roses.
    Is this a famous quote I dont know or its taken from the song?

  • Zachary Mann 5 years ago

    you spent so much time making a crappy building. you shoud have stuck with
    your old style dude.

  • Knol Meneer 5 years ago

    can you make for me a awesome wall for a city, and i know that you build a
    wall but i didn’t like them

  • zackisnotwack 5 years ago

    Can you please make these episodes a little longer :)

  • DE51 RED 5 years ago

    you should try using some brown dirt in your randomisation on your roads I
    started doing it instead of grass I think it looks better ‘ well for me at
    least lol love your city looks amazing .

  • raiN huNter 5 years ago

    Hello madness64,
    I am currently working on a zelda style adventure map. The map itself is
    huge and has tons of builds and every build is a really big build. I am a
    pretty good builder but there is a LOT of building to be done and to be
    honest you are a much better builder. Would you help me with this map
    please? Thanks in advance whatever you choose.

  • Avail Stevenn I dual with ermac! 5 years ago

    outstanding! :)

  • q Vital 5 years ago

    You should mix up this and throw in a different video than the quarter

  • TheTech3399 5 years ago

    I love all of your videos! The only problem with them is there aren’t
    enough! I need my daily Madnes, man!

  • BananaRolan 5 years ago

    the place is starting to look sexy

  • Caleb Couture 5 years ago

    The mext house should be tall and about 5 blocks wide to have a contrast
    but you shouldint add to msny windows on rhe left our toul see the weird

  • Sparky Spark 5 years ago

    Sehr lehrreich :)