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  • mauricio 6 years ago

    great job on your fast food restaurant :)

  • MastersorusRex 6 years ago

    Cool Video :)

  • Buildaholic 6 years ago

    i know im just lazy and forget

  • Buildaholic 6 years ago

    I could do but I havent finished this build yet :)!

  • Buildaholic 6 years ago

    rami or buildy which ever one you prefer :)!

  • BroomyCraft 6 years ago

    Some commands to help you. Stop rain: /toggledownfall Morning: /time set 0

  • HumanSlenderman 6 years ago

    great video buildaholic! im getting tired of typing buildaholic, do you
    have any nicknames? :)

  • max wainwright 6 years ago

    thx rami i built this and it looks amazing could you do a clothes shop