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  • Hey bro! I know you just started switching over to PC for your building,
    but would you be interested in maybe joining my friend’s server? We’re
    playing on FTB, and have around 50 or so mods installed. Some of our guys
    have abandoned ship lately due to being busy and what not. I have too
    unfortunately, but I’d love to have someone as skilled as you join our
    team. You asked me a while ago about collaborating, and since we don’t own
    the same systems, I figured this would be the best solution to that issue.

  • Hey man I downloaded your map and it’s amazing and gonna do a video on it
    keep up the great work by far the most realistic city on the Xbox words
    with they way it’s setup even better then dan lags but I say that because
    his buildings don’t match the size of his sky scrappers which is why I
    really like your city 

  • COLONIAL PUPPET 5 years ago
  • Devon Thomas 5 years ago

    Looking Good! XD

  • Molly DreamCloud 5 years ago

    awesome! I suck at building.. XD. you should build an SG map :P

  • Bacon Dude36 5 years ago


  • Bacon Dude36 5 years ago


  • Electric Gamer 5 years ago

    +COLONIAL PUPPET Hey we need to talk….like whenever you can two things
    first i need a city trailer like for my city cause i tried but i don’t have
    a capture card yet so the quality is awful and you are the only other
    fellow youtuber i have left,I have juicy but he switched to next gen so i
    cant and you always go offline when you get on number two can you give me
    some good tips on how to expand my audience? 

  • Bacon Dude36 5 years ago

    Could you say what you build in the description 

  • Aurea Ramos Rodriguez 5 years ago

    When comes out the new episode?

  • TheNickMeister 5 years ago

    Colonial Puppet, I have a proposition for you I am building a LARGE scale
    map on Xbox One you’re building skills are great and I can use someone like
    you for this world it’s gonna take some time before it’s done so far we
    have 4 dedicated workers on the map it is turning out well if you’re
    interested in this reply to this comment or PM me, – Nick 

  • Also, in terms of the stores, I’d think it would add a bit of personality
    to your build. They don’t have to be super expanded upon, but what you’re
    doing seems interesting enough.

  • liri green 5 years ago

    Nice Video (y)

  • Ben Pitman 5 years ago

    Whooo First 

  • Bervin Hedman 5 years ago

    Why the fuck is it taking so long to get part 19 out?

  • Aurea Ramos Rodriguez 5 years ago

    When comes out the new episode!?