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  • Harlee Hopkins 5 years ago

    hey colonial puppet i love your vids man i have some questions for u
    1. are u upgrading ps4 or xb1 or staying on 360?
    2. think about making a staduim because i want to see that any sport

    u are my favorite youtuber and i started watching ur vids last night. keep
    postin ur vids. thanks if u read this and good day 

  • COLONIAL PUPPET 5 years ago
  • casdzcs ecedc 5 years ago

    i finally find a minecraft project that i can get ideas from, nice job

  • Nicholas Brown 5 years ago

    This is awsome! I’ve been having a great time building along with you. I
    did do a few thing a bit different from you so check it out I left a link
    in the comments on the previous episode to this one.

  • Ben Harris 5 years ago

    Nice =) that conveyor belt is smart. 

  • leonel messi fan 5 years ago

    get a texture pack modern it will look much better
    just like keralis

  • Joshua Sommerville 5 years ago

    How will the planes go in coz it looks like the isn’t enough space

  • Bervin Hedman 5 years ago

    Em metal detectors security where’s that going to be?

  • JSDPhoenix302 5 years ago

    Looking awesome dude! Have you thought of possibly making the ground floor
    under the wings of the terminal into parking garages?