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  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    Sorry everybody about the beginning when I got disconnected from xbox live.
    I didn’t see this part when I edited the video.

  • Katherine Elizabeth 5 years ago


  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    Enjoy the last part 4 of house #4. I hope you are all having an awesome

  • brandon henson 5 years ago

    hey, +MinecraftBuilder92 in your house tutorials, when filling in your
    floors you could cut that out because seeing someone filling in a floor is
    pretty boring. hopefully you’ll read this and keep it in mind

  • abdurrahmaan alli 5 years ago

    THANKS BRO FOR THE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MR Gamer44 5 years ago

    I’m not first :P

  • Miki Ces 5 years ago

    Is the city pack? Nice video bro =)

  • ScissorsLuv 99 5 years ago

    Who wants a sub? Sub to me and I will sub back to you. :-)

  • RzlckGaming 5 years ago


  • ahmad assaf 5 years ago

    Very gooood

  • Emily Phillips 5 years ago

    Will you do a condo?

  • Nathan Huggins 5 years ago

    I followed all the instructions and it was no where near what yours looked
    like. Could you leave a link to your world so i can see where i went wrong

  • RzlckGaming 5 years ago

    Your voice cut out towards the end was that supposed to happen

  • Katie Griese 5 years ago

    Wow! Your good

  • magdos6466 5 years ago

    I think you should switch the yellow wool with yellow stained clay

  • Kaycee Bauer 5 years ago

    What texture pack is this? Thanks 

  • Stephenthegamer 5 years ago

    I built the house in creative and I turned it to Survival

  • Todd Crowell 5 years ago


  • Newfy Dog 5 years ago

    It’s out!

  • The_Dassie 5 years ago

    Are you making maps dude? Peace