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  • BossGamer123 HD 5 years ago

    You and Dan Lags should do a build competition 

  • ZTViTaL 5 years ago

    idk why man but that intro song is catchy as fuck. good work

  • MonkeroniMinecraft 5 years ago

    What is the texture pack?

  • PRiNCESSTiFFAN1 5 years ago

    My anvils won’t let me place carpet on top of them, how do I fix that?

  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    We are almost done with House #4! We will finish it up on Thursday!:)

  • Jovonn Jackson 5 years ago

    What video are you make next ?

  • Todd Crowell 5 years ago

    In the City Texture Pack there is a panting of a TV.:) 

  • Frederik Nørby 5 years ago

    I like your videos but you never reply our comments 

  • MagnificentIsh 5 years ago

    Hi awesome video!

  • micheal millergray 5 years ago

    You need to remake the part for the living room

  • Newfy Dog 5 years ago

    I would build your houses but I have a computer that I watch videos on but
    I play on Xbox and I just can’t remember things very well :(

  • ButchoandBigc 10 5 years ago

    Am I first cuz It says No Views and 1 like

  • Newfy Dog 5 years ago

    The ending is kind of funny how it just cuts off.

  • Waxy Ink 5 years ago

    Wazzup u a good builder im your first person to like the vid and to comment

  • ButchoandBigc 10 5 years ago

    It was posted 3 mins ago

  • Hailie Bee 5 years ago

    I make your builds on pe and they look great, if I don’t have a item you
    use I just find one that looks the closet like it. Keep up the good work!