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  • Sonny Byrne 5 years ago

    7 and i live in uk

  • Orca Savers 5 years ago

    You messed up on the pattern of the pool, but you are an amazing builder!
    I love your work!

  • Alexandra Fordham 5 years ago

    First view!

  • Ashley Forman 5 years ago

    This is my favorite house out of all of them this season

  • qjuan pablo 5 years ago

    Could u do a big mansion next or later I want bigger houses not these tiny
    neighborhood houses (just my opinion)

  • Techno GamingHD 5 years ago

    This house is amazing! Working on it in survival! But it is surely a pain
    in the ass getting all the snow… Honestly, I have not even got all the
    snow yet!

  • Emad Sokni 5 years ago

    I finally finished the house!

  • Moses829 5 years ago

    You should build a castle 

  • wood chuck 5 years ago

    You could do something on the inside I don’t know where to put anything

  • BenTheLlama 5 years ago

    first comment

  • John Lewis 5 years ago

    Great house

  • OG Replaay 5 years ago

    Can u build a mansion please 

  • Harper Hill 5 years ago

    Hey Hi

  • Andrej Antonio 5 years ago

    First lol

  • jakson zaharogiannis 5 years ago

    Nice vid bruh!!

  • Cammyjay HD 5 years ago


  • I am making a city in minecraft PS3 and using some of ure buildings but I
    will make shure to give u credit for that

  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    Today we finish up building this modern beach house. I hope you enjoyed
    this house:)