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  • BUSHIDO 6 years ago

    Wow ! Thaht the first time where I saw this technique.

  • MrBeasty127 6 years ago

    The carrack I am planning in this video is a 15th century medieval warship.
    Search ‘carrack ship’ on Google for more information.

  • Trevor Thomas 6 years ago

    Mrbeasty what is a carrack ship?

  • Rush4in 6 years ago

    Don’t know Chartage is… lets say no ready yet. I want to give it the grim
    look of the third punic war. I just hope my brother doesnt test tnt in the
    city (then it will realy look like Chartage after the war :x)

  • MCACGaming AndSongs 6 years ago

    Thank you bro… You helped me so much… I know how to make plan not… I
    really do xD

  • Balogh Roland 6 years ago

    Like xD

  • MrBeasty127 6 years ago

    Actually, I’m updating the Lapis King with new TNT cannons right now. The
    updated ship of the line version should be ready in a few days.

  • MrBeasty127 6 years ago

    It’s West European, however, the Portuguese were the first to build one.

  • Rush4in 6 years ago

    I used youre trireme for a minecraft reconstruction. I made the siege of
    Chartage. But I had to use microblocks (mod) to make the people. btw Nice

  • MineChitect 6 years ago

    Beasty, why are making ships without cannons now? I quit on building ships
    already and Im making ancient cities/structures now I’d love to see the
    ships with cannons.

  • MrBeasty127 6 years ago

    Thanks mate. I’d love to see your recreation of the siege of Carthage. Will
    you upload pictures or even a video?

  • Rush4in 6 years ago

    I hate when he does it. And no one (me) will remember to copy the world on
    my laptop.

  • bob cramer 6 years ago

    i love these vids, i’m making them all

  • Rostam Farvashi 6 years ago

    Is this a british ship or spanish?