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  • Ty Wiseman 6 years ago


  • devin oleary 6 years ago

    ha! you said boner.

  • Poy From Raze 2 6 years ago

    I like your simple starter houses, but the only thing is that you need to
    put too much effort to make a small house…..

  • DrBlueRay 6 years ago

    how do u have connected glass?

  • Rene Uchiha 6 years ago

    i gave up at 12:34 …

  • devin oleary 6 years ago

    yeeeees you were finking

  • Oliver Hull 6 years ago

    don’t try to be Beiber!

  • Aldrcame idonotcare 6 years ago

    I found some problems, it took you 20 mins to build, any player who was
    starting would be annihilated by mobs and the house would be destroyed,
    there is hardly any space so it would be quite hard to store everything, it
    would take a lot of materials from multiple biomes, but otherwise it looks
    pretty :)

  • Hannah Hawkins 6 years ago

    very nice detail ;)

  • DutchVlogzzHD 6 years ago

    Make the hobbit houses

  • Pivot Karl 6 years ago

    nice house (SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!)

  • Anna Tapani 6 years ago

    that’s so nice house, nice work! :)

  • Hank Sanford Deimous 6 years ago

    Am I the only one to notice that he actually said “Justin Beaver”? :D

  • Aaron Bowie 6 years ago

    I made mine’s in a desert biome

  • Minecraft Advertiser 6 years ago

    You are awesome, and, It’s not SIMPLE. Subscribe!

  • Sheryl Omolon 6 years ago


  • Baby Slender 6 years ago

    you r awsome tell people to sub me in 1 of ur vids

  • Messy Beast 6 years ago

    This to me is not a starter houce its a houce forever!!!! Your the best
    builder Keralis =)

  • GhostUsa HD 6 years ago

    When you search for “bonemeal”, 21:00
    You accidentialy type “boner” XD!! 

  • Muhammad Reza 6 years ago


  • Adam Wolves 6 years ago

    but xbox has upsidedown stairs…

  • shelbymustang1994jd 6 years ago

    Looks like a house in Michigan lol

  • Peters Craft 6 years ago

    I just build this house in my survival world ITS AWESOME

  • Marcus Ring 6 years ago

    21:01 boner hahaha


  • Jyn Suzuki 6 years ago

    The very end?