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  • ZariusHD 5 years ago

    I’m not first, but I can say I’m 47th. lol.

  • henry marsh 5 years ago


  • Cooper 5 years ago


  • Luffy210craft 5 years ago

    the spoil is real :(

  • CrazyAnimal1 5 years ago

    Really good job I hope to see more animal statues in the future.
    Suggestion: Can you do a panda? I would really like one for my own zoo!!!
    Thanks for the AMAZING video!!!

  • BigCatBC GamingBG 5 years ago

    Nice video

  • Naruto Uzumaki 5 years ago

    Could you show how to make a unicorn statue?

  • Pauloruiz 167 5 years ago

    Am i the only one saying that the giraffe looks kinda weird in how the neck
    just goes forward and the head is really creepy looking. Is it just Me?