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  • DfieldMark 5 years ago

    New method works wonders!

  • Chris Delgado 5 years ago

    Mark at 12:12 in the video there is some full grown sugar canes under the
    base and sugar canes will only grow that high if there is players nearby
    which means there could be a potential raid, just another tip to finding
    raids. :)

  • Dan Matrix 5 years ago

    A woman got a wooden breast implant yesterday.
    This joke would’ve been funny if there was a punchline.
    Wooden tit?

  • Harley Churchill 5 years ago

    Dfield joke of the day:
    Boy: god the principle is stupid
    Girl:do you know who I am
    Boy: no
    Girl: I’m the principles daughter
    Boy:oh do you know who I am
    Boy: good (walks away)

  • Caleb Myers 5 years ago

    Joke of the day:
    Why couldn’t the woman with wooden teeth get a husband?
    Cause she was a Birch!

    I’m sorry I’ll leave now…

  • Christopher Sampson 5 years ago

    Comment of the day:
    A teacher is teaching kids about flavors, she holds up a red one and let’s
    them taste it.
    Teacher: What flavor is this?
    Kids: Cherry!
    The teacher holds up another green one and let’s them taste it.
    Teacher: What flavor is this?
    Kids: lime!
    The teacher holds up a yellow one and let’s them taste it.
    Teacher: what flavor is this?
    Kids: I have no clue but it’s sweet.
    Teacher: I’ll give you a hint it’s what your mommy calls your daddy.
    Girl: spit it out it’s ass hole!

  • Brian Perez 5 years ago

    Ok here are my comment of the day-
    Notch joined the game.
    God joined the game.
    I can create worlds.
    So can I.
    I can create animals.
    So can I.
    I can create circles.
    Notch left the game.

  • CelaroidPlaysMC 5 years ago

    What did the hammer say to the drill?

    Nailed it.

    Like so Dfield sees. :D

  • Justin Thomas 5 years ago

    Comment of the day: Why don’t blazes have good business? Because they keep
    firing people! 

  • ExalesGaming 5 years ago

    Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your
    mouth, then it just becomes a soap opera…..

  • Eli Russell 5 years ago

    A man with no body, just a head, floats into a bar. He goes up to the bar
    and sets himself down on the counter.
    Guy: Give me one beer.
    The bar tender goes and gets the guy a beer. Feeling bad for the man he
    helps him drink. As he drinks the beer his torso suddenly pops out of thin
    Guy: Woah! Give me another one.
    The bartender brings him another one and he grows a pair of arms.
    Guy: Oh my goodness! Give me one more!
    The guy drinks the beer and suddenly grows a pair of legs.
    Guy: Woah! I wonder what will happen if I drink one more!
    The bartender brings him another. The guy drinks the beer and suddenly
    The bartender turns away and says “He should have quit when he was a head.”

  • TheGamers45 5 years ago

    You need to have Brent with this vid he would be like found it

  • ChaoticPvP 5 years ago

    Mark when is the next 24HOUR stream dfield

  • Min3rPro 5 years ago

    WOW awesome intro it made me teared up haha :D

  • KaroshiGames 5 years ago

    One Question!

    What the heck is a Entity?

  • IcyDude4210 5 years ago

    Joke of the day:
    Why can’t blaze run business?
    Because he keeps firing everyone

  • Johnny Nchekwube 5 years ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the hell away from KFC.

  • ItXCreeper 5 years ago

    14 views and 28 likes..
    Welcome to Youtube!

  • Bradley McGrath 5 years ago

    Q: Did you hear about the kidnapping at school?
    A: It’s okay. He woke up.

  • Lukas Jannink 5 years ago

    Hey Mark 😀 Maybe next time that u will pvp u can take a invis pot, so
    people won’t know its you, and they won’t jump ya. 

  • Andy Liu 5 years ago

    #COTD Dfield why do you do commment of the day and when did you start it?
    It always makes my day and makes me laugh so hard. Plz make this the COTD.

  • SAMMIEPLAYS 5 years ago

    That entity tactic is boss, finds bases soo fast!.

  • Ewan mascerenhas 5 years ago

    He drove his expensive car into a tree and found out how the Mercedes

  • Dean McKinney 5 years ago

    How come you quit ReactiveMC kitpvp?