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  • Skeleto Roe 6 years ago

    How’d you get co-ords in the corner? And dat seed name :)

  • T3Visca 6 years ago

    I hope you go far on Youtube! You deserve it! :)

  • blacklord360 6 years ago

    Lol fookin’!!

  • valle tamminen 6 years ago

    what texture is that

  • riydem3 6 years ago

    when flying try /speed 10 LIKE SO HE CAN SEE it might not work but hey :)
    it should do with the commands he has

  • Kylie arty 6 years ago

    That seed name… fucking perfect.

  • TheBobbilys 6 years ago

    yay! i love your accent, where are you from? lol, like an interview XD

  • TheBobbilys 6 years ago

    just do it how you normally would but do it on regular minecraft then log
    out, go to your spc version and log in and the texture pack should be on

  • VariedMinecraft 6 years ago

    Great video bud :)

  • Lawrence Eaves 6 years ago

    to fly faster you can type /setspeed (number) maybe it’s //setspeed :)

  • TheBobbilys 6 years ago

    funny if notch replied the same you did to me XD, will you be doing more

  • THEROMANTICONE25 6 years ago

    Mr Virus Venon Could you do a video on how to install a resource packs
    after having SPC and Too Many Items installed? I tried on my own and MC
    Patcher wanted me to remove all mods then do it again and I didn’t
    understand what to do.

  • Curtis TwoKay 6 years ago

    I want the next episode its so good! please your the funniest minecraft
    commentator on youtube hurry up for next episode please!

  • Venom TV 6 years ago

    :p Its ok, i just enjoy helping people out on minecraft <3 Thank You Notch

  • Flonk28 6 years ago

    yay yer uploading again!

  • iammeiamme2 6 years ago

    try sphax purebdcraft resource pack. and spawn a villager :0

  • Venom TV 6 years ago

    lol yeah, i’ll be doing one once i have moved my room about. ep 2

  • Quinn Healy 6 years ago

    know I think its flyspeed instead of just fly. hope it works!

  • Venom TV 6 years ago

    lol yeah, i’ll be doing one once i have moved my room about. ep 2

  • MrKingOfGaming101 6 years ago

    Hero brine does exist he is a normal mob in the game but just a rare spawn
    he is even on the front cover under the mountain on the Xbox 360

  • TheBobbilys 6 years ago

    please do a tutorial for a minecraft server

  • woodethan5 6 years ago

    Do /setspeed 10 THEN you fly fast as fuck!

  • Sonny Bigars 6 years ago

    Mr could I record with you

  • Ryan Kelly 6 years ago

    hey MrVirusVenom do u have Skype If you do add me I am shotbow.101

  • Venom TV 6 years ago

    All you need is in the description :p