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  • TheDAITrickster 5 years ago

    Love that movie yo!

  • AirwaveMusicTV 5 years ago

    Great house you built there ;)

  • Rik Karsten 5 years ago

    And close to 10k subs ;0

  • Sophia Poot 5 years ago

    It looks amazing!! Good job Leo!

  • I so wish I had your creative mind when playing Minecraft I’ve always
    wanted to build on a creative Map and just fill it with loads of stuff from
    movies; real life, video games etc… but I only seem to be able to build
    mansions, shops, houses, theme parks and restaurants You’re very creative
    with your builds!!

  • Evan Gaytan 5 years ago

    I really wish i could be as creative as you im always exciting to make a
    castle but i end up with something like a small hut

  • Eamon Woods 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m Steve ( Not Eamon (It’s Irish) )I wanted to know how I can be a
    strong independent woman like you. Do I have to build a whole balloon house
    by hand. Do I have to have no man supportin me cause I am independant and
    stuff. Plz halp, ill pay in IGN ratings.

    Hi, if you read this well done, you have earned a compliment. Your hair is
    nice. There

  • I'm The Chips God! 5 years ago

    i love ur voice! i love ur hair! yur so good at building and i really want
    tl be like you! 

  • IAmChuckles 5 years ago

    Do you plan to do anything special for 10k subs?

  • L-Legend727 5 years ago

    Omg! I wish i could build as well! Im only good in P.V.P and archery ;-;

  • rsfreedom922 5 years ago

    Your happiness in your voice and your creativity mixed with your editing
    and personality make ur channel amazing!!! Great video as always and
    awesome build, keep up the amazing work! :)

  • Christian Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Love your channel :D

  • Kian Kemp 5 years ago

    my up is yore down
    xD lol I <3 leo

  • Adam Harvey 5 years ago

    AND WE HIT 9K!

  • God Bob 5 years ago

    I broke my ps4 :D

  • Juubi Cezar 5 years ago

    Luv you’re voice

  • Jason Fabulous 5 years ago

    This looks really cool!!!! <3

  • Adam Harvey 5 years ago

    Leo u should make something off brad like a logo of the lemon or design him
    a lemon head quarters.

  • nibink 5 years ago

    Aaaww yus up! The feels in that movie… Anyway, great build as usual Leo!

  • Suellen Cassia 5 years ago

    It’s so beautiful!

  • Fahmin Farhad 5 years ago

    U are the best builder evah

  • Phantom Destroyer 5 years ago

    Omg I love UP and this build was freaking awsome.
    Stay strong :) 

  • Elia Palomba 5 years ago

    Ohhhh Amazing!

  • Tom Vlogs 5 years ago

    this is……. AWESOME!!!. great work btw love ur vids and your consistancy

  • PlanXStudios 5 years ago

    Hey Leo for your next Minecraft video could you please make the rocket ship
    from little einstien i love the remix video. Were going on a trip in our
    favourite rocket ship, zooming through the sky, little einstein-stein. Also
    < <<<<<<<<<<<<<3 EPIC FACE TIME :-) ;D XD $D :D