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  • Elia Palomba 5 years ago


  • Soldier Gamez 5 years ago

    Hi leo i am here once again wi fi problems but its all fine now :D

  • Rik Karsten 5 years ago

    Another video with a lot of patience :p youre a great builder.

  • TrtleQ 5 years ago


  • Bor van Zeeland 5 years ago

    looks really f*cking good

  • MAZA GAMING 5 years ago

    Damn it’s like you improve every time you launch minecraft yet again you
    suprised me, well done Leo :) and I see 10k subs peeping by

  • nibink 5 years ago

    Wheres the take away though..

    Love it!

  • Mr.ToxicMonkey 5 years ago

    Hey Leo can i be a mod on your server i would watch it every day so you
    dont have to do it yourself ( of course weekends off) im only 11 so thats
    why i need a weekend brake. If you would be cool with me being a moderator
    than please reply to this message. If you want to tell me some rules and
    reqiurments please do so!! :0

  • huskygaming360 5 years ago

    ………. two words …. JESUS CHRIST , how do you build things like this
    , im a good builder but your…. GOD DAMN AMAZING

  • Purple Rabbit 5 years ago


  • Pepperoni Skills 5 years ago

    when will brad upload he never does 

  • TheSimmer BravoTeam 5 years ago

    Family Guy house on sims 4???

  • Great build Leo! Maybe next time could you make it slightly longer? I
    actually find these sort of videos relaxing I replayed it 3 times 😀 

  • MR. Mr Gamer 5 years ago

    Can you build Mario and luigi team draem from Nintendo? Plzzzzz

  • L-Legend727 5 years ago

    Leo i can´t get in your server ;-; HELP!

  • rainbow creeper 5 years ago

    Will u ever do a toturial on these builds

  • Pepperoni Skills 5 years ago

    dat building is sick (i am actually being sick, no seriously i am ill)

  • Phantom Destroyer 5 years ago

    Great work Leo, this build was absolutely amazing.
    Stay strong :)

  • MasterNico 5 years ago

    No way! Its incredible!! It looks so awsome leo, these are just the best
    videos :) 

  • Andrew Giroux 5 years ago

    Would you consider building the Empire State Building?? Lol

  • Andweuh :3 5 years ago

    I’d cry of joy if I saw something like this on a server. o-o

  • Adam Harvey 5 years ago

    Leo I’m just amazed by your talented skills brad is lucky to have you :)

  • FerrariDB9 5 years ago

    The camera angles are Good;how?

  • LITTLE JIINXY 5 years ago

    Hey Leo :)