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  • Austin Barron 6 years ago

    Nice castle your a good bilder

  • GoggyTheMA27 6 years ago

    very cool series

  • RockandStone 6 years ago

    You can also do it with 1 computer 😀

  • MudDog DC 6 years ago

    Checked it out Rock, looks sweet! Unfortunately I would need a second
    computer to record the footage still (which I don’t currently have), but if
    I can get it working I’ll be using it for the sweeping shots at the end! 😀

  • braddersmoore1999 6 years ago

    Its gonna take years to make that

  • TremblayCT2 6 years ago

    keep it up man, it’s looking awesome!

  • Chanie M. 6 years ago

    What’s the mod that’s installed?

  • Devan Gardner 6 years ago

    Make another video ya bastard!

  • billy rainone 6 years ago

    Man this is looking SWEET! hope u make a map download

  • Eric Anderson 6 years ago

    This is amazing! I love this series!

  • AK3LO | PC Gaming FTW 6 years ago

    good job man

  • lyzgames 6 years ago

    This is so sweet. Definitely going to take some ideas 😀

  • RockandStone 6 years ago

    Thank you. Unfortunally my world edit isn’t working anymore…

  • PurPleGaMer100 6 years ago

    i have something that might be cool for you to build next it’d be awesome
    if you could build hogwarts that be great. also congrats on 500 subs thumbs
    up so he can see…

  • Mr.Burit0 6 years ago

    This really is a awesome series! :3

  • Lock Ray 6 years ago

    Building with corner stairs in MC is an art…

  • Viktor Alexandersson 6 years ago

    I really want to see how the final Castle will look like!!

  • ses scsa 6 years ago

    do a hunger games vid with rendog

  • Mad21Skilz 6 years ago

    you should make a download link for the world when your finished

  • Mike Hawke 6 years ago

    21:15 orgasmic ;D

  • Ivan Dogovich 6 years ago

    This Lighthouse Looks amazing Muddog!! Loving it!! Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Ivan 😀

  • RASHI AKTER 6 years ago

    Love the background music! mud

  • MineCraftCrisp 6 years ago

    i like this series =D

  • Mike Hawke 6 years ago

    No! Vvvvvvvv

  • RockandStone 6 years ago

    MudDog, you can use CameraStudio mod to record it as a 3rd person view.
    Hope you are seeing this comment.