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  • Rakuhn14 6 years ago

    Woo! Geoff singing Modest Mouse, way to be!

  • Rachel Martin 6 years ago

    It can run 35 mph in short bursts.

  • technobabble123 6 years ago

    One million dollars takes up almost one whole table.

  • V2Blast 6 years ago

    Except, of course, all those wolves they punched during testing.

  • xjakixbebz 6 years ago

    No animals were hurt during filming.

  • TheCrimzonGaming 6 years ago

    Sometimes I prefer to watch the lets build instead of the lets play, purely
    because of the stupid questions

  • Julia Kirkham 6 years ago

    I like how Gavin actually RESPONDS to “I don’t need anymore dudes with big

  • ThreeEyedPea 6 years ago

    J.J is the Barry of Achievement Hunter.

  • Thunderbolt22A10 6 years ago

    you gotta appreciate the hard work these guys do for us

  • ferretsrk 6 years ago

    Wolves trot at 5 miles per hour, but they can run in short bursts at up to
    35 miles per hour

  • Ph4ntomS33ker 6 years ago

    I love Michael’s laughing in the background

  • savalanche 6 years ago

    He probably knows how to spell Britain and that the correct grammar is

  • xkornxxxkidx 6 years ago

    I only watch the let’s builds because of the conversations they have lol

  • Krystalred7 6 years ago


  • Olehghgh Ustimenko 6 years ago

    15:14 trailer trash by modest mouse goddamn geoff has a good taste in music

  • ZaxcAttaK 6 years ago

    They have over 5 million for about over a year!! WOW!! New Subscribers
    these days!!

  • Jayden Freyberger 6 years ago

    Is gavin from slo mo guys!!!!!!

  • KyubitheNineTailFox 6 years ago

    You guys should make each member of the office king for a week.

  • Ben Rosebery 6 years ago

    Geoff listens to modest mouse! <3

  • Justin N 6 years ago

    no no no you see the giant towers from king ryan, ya king ryan was
    uploading after this and you see the ray won so therefore king ryan spoilers

  • Desaster40k 6 years ago

    he has laggs

  • will dunnion 6 years ago

    I promise we aren’t all that dumb. 😀

  • scorch223344 6 years ago

    And what exactly is that? Please explain.

  • APerfectTOOL9999 6 years ago

    YES that’s exactally what I was thinking

  • Akimank1 6 years ago

    LP channel doesnt have over 5mil 😛