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  • David Calabrese 6 years ago

    I think it would look good being bad

  • Susan Olson 6 years ago

    i pick ice

  • Ryan Alagna 6 years ago

    Do you live in St. Louis

  • Lee Zhi Qiang 6 years ago

    I like snow in Minecraft

  • Jack Simmons 6 years ago

    Gray wool

  • Ethan Upp 6 years ago


  • uriel rivera 6 years ago

    Build a football stadium or baseball or basketball with a playground

  • Triston Stengrund 6 years ago

    How much for controller

  • Laurence sheffield Jr 6 years ago

    how did you come up with the figures for this airport?

  • Jordan Christgau 6 years ago

    in this video you have 288 blocks for the runway not 300!!!

  • Blaze Fireheart 6 years ago

    Not to be mean or anything, just a bit of constructive criticism. The
    taxiway on a real airport is either the same width or just slightly thinner
    than the full width of the airstrip, and connects in multiple places as
    smaller aircraft take less space to land. the multiple connection points
    allow the smaller crafts to clear the runway faster for other planes to
    land. Just something to keep in mind for future builds.

  • xxxmahiboixxx 6 years ago

    Brah dis one gud vid! Keep up da Work!

  • Chris Matthews 6 years ago

    There was dirt in the last one you made

  • Chris Matthews 6 years ago

    How old are you?

  • Latoya Thompson 6 years ago

    How many blocks is the taxi area from the run way

  • Flynn Tuckwell 6 years ago

    Looks epic

  • CometAir1 6 years ago

    Why snow, I think something like a type of stone would be better, but it is
    yours not mine, so you can put snow, great start by the way!

  • Jamie Betts 6 years ago

    It called a taxi area

  • sandijohnsen24 6 years ago

    At 21:05 it looks like a burger

  • ewenhowarth90210 6 years ago

    Pease brother

  • ewenhowarth90210 6 years ago

    Subbed :) keep up the great work and vids!! Ewenhowarth90210

  • Chase Miller 6 years ago

    He is good

  • Kyle Maamud 6 years ago

    ya takin heroine potions..NOOO!!! you took krokodil!!

  • Kyle Maamud 6 years ago

    i am always…always..not becarful of TNT imma play with Fire!!!!

  • Kyle Maamud 6 years ago

    when you do at the viewing area the floor makes me think of grandma kniting
    a white wool HEHE