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  • Jared Williams 6 years ago

    you do know if you go to sleep you will suffocate with that two tall room

  • Colten Ward 6 years ago

    thanks this will help with my minecraft survival series

  • rodrigo bungay 6 years ago

    thanks for building this house its was easy :) i will subscribe :)

  • Angel Smith 6 years ago

    @Kristína Kačurová its gonna take a long time if he’s gonna do it in

  • weareonthetelly 6 years ago

    Guys add ladders in stead of fire so u can make it up Easy 

  • architect 6 years ago

    yeah! amazing house i like it too

  • Ewan Tian 6 years ago


  • Pizza zombie458 6 years ago

    All you assholes that are being douches you guys can go suck one. He’s
    friken awesome

  • Tyrese Graham 6 years ago

    That house is awesome !!!

  • Bob Phil 6 years ago

    It caught on fire but i like the house

  • Zupa Zentek 6 years ago

    thats pretty cool

  • ReaperFlare 6 years ago

    Not really

  • Nicky Gutierrez 6 years ago

    Hahaha fail(:

  • A CasualName 6 years ago

    Nice job

  • Claudia Chartier 6 years ago

    You go to fast!!!!!!!!!

  • DaKurllz HU 6 years ago

    This.. is awesome…Thank you! ♥

  • Bong Gubat 6 years ago

    I like it its awes8me

  • Theninja Pickle 6 years ago

    nice job screw the haters :)

  • elalannes 6 years ago

    Could everybody stop being mean

  • Darren Navaratnarajah 6 years ago

    Nice build

  • Darren Navaratnarajah 6 years ago

    I like it

  • preetyboydrew 6 years ago

    I have pe

  • Blackpuffle92 6 years ago

    Guys stop being mean

  • Morgan Martin 6 years ago

    oh and quit being mean you mother fuckers just because he sais awite or
    alrite what ever DES IT MATTER HE CAN’T HELP IT DUMB ASSES i hope you get
    thrown down a ditch for being mean he is trying to help u survive in
    minecraft so SHUT UP

  • Morgan Martin 6 years ago

    awesome i love it :)