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  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    Today we are finishing up the first house in the house series. Stay tuned
    in for house #2 next week.

  • TheTate04 5 years ago

    That house is horrible I could easily build something nicer 

  • DeluxeO1 5 years ago

    That awkward moment when you find out that the Minecraft house bathroom is
    bigger than your real life bathroom

  • LazyKing 5 years ago

    not the best house but pretty good.

  • GinGington 5 years ago

    awesome goin to build one of ur ouses now

  • tims room 5 years ago

    That was fun!

  • nolan burrell 5 years ago

    U forgot refridgerator

  • Ivan Llamas 5 years ago

    Just in time too. I just got back from college and I really wanted to see
    how you’re doing the interior so I can base it off of how I’m gonna do

  • Flippingflap 5 years ago

    Have you ever thought about building a futuristic house

  • nolan burrell 5 years ago

    That living room needs some better couches and the snow on the bed would
    look better if you would make it as the pillow, not comforter

  • Anthony Torres 5 years ago

    cam you build the houses in the default texture pack

  • MrJordan232010 5 years ago

    keep up the good work! I like your use of blocks, it gives me lots of
    ideas. After watching your videos it makes me want to play Xbox Minecraft!

  • The Diamond Wizard 5 years ago

    what texture pack is that

  • brown and blondie 5 years ago

    hi I canme from you now check out are channel

  • 6th

  • VenomousRuler272 5 years ago


  • Ashton Johnson 5 years ago

    I was wondering my friends list isn’t full and if anyone wants to be my
    friend they can GamerTag: Notha890

  • Christo Rangel-ruiz 5 years ago

    Lol that was kinda racist “I like to use white”

  • BushBaby Builders 5 years ago

    I made the storage room into a little office and added a 2 block tall
    window at the back of the room and nice house by the way your an amazing

  • Alex Nguyen 5 years ago

    I don’t mind ads
    I don’t mind buffer
    But when ads buffer
    I suffer

  • AtlanticAce101 Minecraft & More 5 years ago

    Around In The May Would You Like To Build a New City Back On Xbox 360 My
    Gamertag is: AtlanticAce101