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  • SMProductions 6 years ago

    no bath room

  • Eric Rojas 6 years ago

    You have a glitch that does the minecart chair NO OnE CAN dO IT

  • 2002zombiekiller 6 years ago

    It’s not gold armor it’s BUDDER ARMOR :)

  • yamilecruz32 6 years ago

    Instead of snow can I use white carpet I have pc version

  • Benjigol10 6 years ago

    its weird bcuz u r amazing at exterior but u r like balls in interior…

  • Alice Roberts 6 years ago

    That’s really good. One problem…. Where’s the bathroom? Lol

  • pedrojavier363 6 years ago

    you could put another tv on the second floor

  • SuperNurmy 6 years ago

    To me it’s a really big house and your really creative too

  • chris medellin 6 years ago


  • Caleb Carr 6 years ago

    Interior could use some help though… All in all you’re doing good.

  • zuhaib4456 6 years ago


  • Katie Job 6 years ago

    It’s blurry! It’s probably just my iPad

  • Troll face 6 years ago

    i like yhur houses tht yhu made

  • ThepaytimeHD 6 years ago

    haha no

  • Rayvielle Harper 6 years ago

    Build a tank

  • natashyanafable 6 years ago

    Amazing !! Only Part One Is Confusing:D

  • James Raditya Tara 6 years ago

    Can you build a new mansion thats not realy realy big??

  • MRCRAZY845 6 years ago

    Large house

  • Harvey Horswell 6 years ago

    That is so cool and modern

  • Owen Gibson 6 years ago

    Love the house

  • ImIRemiix I 6 years ago

    How can something be realistic if its in minecraft?

  • lilAziankids 6 years ago

    Would the snow melt if u put torches????

  • Rob Labasan 6 years ago

    kits already wednesdey wheres the new house

  • Cody little 6 years ago

    This guy is a life saver..

  • Liam Appleby 6 years ago

    That’s sick man