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  • MinecraftBuilder92 5 years ago

    How are all of you doing today? Here is something a lot of you have been
    asking for.

  • Matthew Fard 5 years ago

    Btw, i wood stop using that intro as you might get flagged for copyright

  • PGOWENS101 5 years ago

    Omg lol you sound like cmpuls3

  • ExposureGaming46 5 years ago

    Nice job and r u ever going to announce the winners of the build challenge

  • xRangeScopez 5 years ago

    QT isn’t in England, but I wanna come to US for that!

  • Jake Alllen 5 years ago

    They have Qts where I live in Texas. They built a new 1 by my neighborhood.

  • Moses829 5 years ago

    How many blocks wide is ur street???

  • Ryan Brooks 5 years ago

    Just a thought you should do a 50’s or 60’s gas station. With the tall open
    gas pumps. Although I’m not sure how you would make them. At least I can’t
    think of away but I know you’re capable enough to do it no problem. You’re
    a very smart builder well respected in my book. Great job with all the
    videos you do.

  • Kaycee Bauer 5 years ago

    I want to start building my own little city, but I don’t really know how to
    go about it or where to start, any tips? Thanks 

  • Alejandra Zimmerman 5 years ago

    Do you think you could do a tutorial on how to make a car, van, and
    regular sized truck?

  • Santeri Palokas 5 years ago

    What is your intro song

  • jackowens1999 5 years ago

    I seen this last night I was Jack Sea gowns at the start

  • Orion Cross 5 years ago

    Hi, you know in your South Lake City series you should add bicycle lanes
    and have some one-way streets in the downtown areas.

  • Brandon Aldrich 5 years ago

    Do you plan on adding this to South Lake?Also can you make some national
    monuments like the Lincoln Memorial

  • alego world 5 years ago

    Make an airport 

  • ACTIVEGAMER 298 5 years ago

    Opening song plz

  • Idan Nissim 5 years ago

    You did everything wrong with the Tripwire hook and the Lever thing.
    Even those you fixed, you removed them and put them the same over again LOL

  • Atlas Corporation 5 years ago

    may i please have your gamer tag for xbox360 ?

  • Truth Gaming 5 years ago

    Can You do a skyscraper tutorial please

  • alego world 5 years ago

    I love you builds

  • Antoine Richards 5 years ago

    you need more lights on the under roofing a lot of gas stations have lights
    underneath the roofing besides that looks good built a similar version

  • victor buenrostro 5 years ago

    what console are u on

  • OreoxShadowz 5 years ago

    2nd Comment was me x

  • OreoxShadowz 5 years ago

    Hi, I’m a builder on MC as well just wondering if I could help u one time ?

  • Newfy Dog 5 years ago

    4th comment