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  • TheCampingRusher 4 years ago

    Well, this map made me slightly angry! I hope you enjoyed anyways and
    thanks for watching my videos and leaving constant support ­čśÇ Love you

  • Sable 4 years ago

    “this map is hacking” OMG BRAYDEN´╗┐

  • DfieldMark 4 years ago

    I love the fact that one second you’re in utter joy and screaming WOOHOO.
    Then next second you’re literally “RUSH YOU’RE SO STUPID!!!!”´╗┐

  • Brad Does Minecraft 4 years ago

    Trolling himself because he can. #CowPower´╗┐

  • iSteelRazorBlade | Minecraft 4 years ago

    2:29 “i didnt get high enough”-Rusher 2015´╗┐

  • AyyImHannah 4 years ago

    *sees title*
    You’re trolling yourself m9? What’re ya doin’?´╗┐

  • Mikayla A. K. 4 years ago

    “Cows do not fly” Oh Rusher. XD ´╗┐

  • NoBoomGaming 4 years ago

    I just sat through a video of you trolling YOURSELF…´╗┐

  • Samwhichz 4 years ago

    Only if this was factions. Rusher’s head for days!´╗┐

  • tiffylou87 4 years ago

    *waits for the teens to comment about rusher taking his shirt off

  • Spoon Fork 4 years ago

    And all these other youtubers try to troll other people… :) ´╗┐

  • Eva Nguyen 4 years ago

    Anyone else get the new emojis?

  • Marps Gaming 4 years ago

    So many great lines by rusher!

    “Cows can’t fly! If you don’t get the reference.. I’m a cow.”

    “This map is hacking!” ´╗┐

  • TheAussieCrafter 2000 4 years ago

    Did Dfield remove his comment? -_-´╗┐

  • NitroBorn 4 years ago

    I love your funny moment videos ­čśÇ ´╗┐

  • Mary Kate Bejma 4 years ago

    63 veins never been this early ´╗┐

  • Spxrtan 4 years ago

    301+ club say whaaat´╗┐

  • Olivia Ye 4 years ago

    First Comment
    First Like´╗┐

  • Jack Allingham 4 years ago

    Just for anyone who reads this, I’ve never been to subway and I’ve just
    looked at the menu. Can I get a Subway Melt with Lettuce and Cucumber? Is
    that a thing?´╗┐

  • Jacob Schuman 4 years ago

    “Last time I got some water I didn’t even DRINK IT!!!!” – rusher 2k15´╗┐

  • Jacob Tidwell 4 years ago

    “You know last time I brought a glass of water and I didn’t even end up
    DRINKING IT.”´╗┐

  • pinkbutterfly413 4 years ago

    “Last time I brought a glass of water and didn’t even end up DRINKING IT” –
    TheCampingRusher 2k15´╗┐

  • InfernoePlays 4 years ago

    Hey guys im trying to get my yt channel going so if you could drop a quick
    sub it would be much appreciated :D´╗┐

  • Aaron Grahl 4 years ago

    Rusher you’re worse at parkour than me and i’m bad´╗┐

  • Michael Duran 4 years ago

    Stop smoking before you record haha´╗┐