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  • ItsJuggHere 5 years ago

    TROLLING A HILARIOUS GAMER GIRL! – Minecraft Trolling / Funny Moments

  • steven borst 5 years ago

    This is a eminent rap god parody about you and geek
    400 likes coming at ya with Supa sonic speed (itsjugghere)
    An summa looma dooma im a Supa suba what I gotta do to get it through to ya.
    And I’m made of juggysaurus so that any thing you hate will make me feel
    He’s devastating more then ever demonstrating how to give a mofoking
    audience a feeling like there ever funking. And he knows the haters are for
    ever waiting for the day the can say that he fell of the’l be celebrating
    cuz he knows a way to get us motivated he makes genius vids he makes
    awesome vids.

  • Centaur Runt 5 years ago

    I swear I will get a dog,train it to bark on comand then name it deadbitch
    because of that…
    thanks jugg

  • Predator Gaming 5 years ago

    Isnt it a girl gamer instead of a gamer girl???

  • Dr. Pancake 5 years ago

    Ahhh… Women… They’re so Autistic.

  • ChaoticRift 5 years ago

    What was her username? She sounds familiar.

  • Whitelight 5 years ago

    Good Video :)

  • Marsbars310Gaming 5 years ago

    I wanna read alive bitch to dead bitch real fucking fast bitch bitch bitch
    ass bitch fast and furious

  • 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos ಠ_ಠ 5 years ago

    BATMAN wunts 1,000,000 subz bai tuumorrow

  • KingTernGaming 5 years ago


  • Quinton Gibson 5 years ago

    Do you think it is funny when someone has problem or you take it serious
    when someone has problem or do you make fun of someone and if they are
    crying you still go on is that how YouTube is for you taking it not serious
    when someone has a problem lying to them is that fun

  • OnlinePlaysMC 5 years ago

    Sounds like a nice girl xD

  • Axel Lele 5 years ago

    I was wearing headphones, my ears are bleeding

  • Ben Stiles 5 years ago

    What was the song at the start ?

  • iTZz DaRK QTR 5 years ago

    Hi this is my first time watching ur vids. I have to say u really deserve
    mor than 50k subs 

  • SniperTheTroller 5 years ago

    Nice video jugg :)

  • Rasmus Klitgaard 5 years ago

    What are you talking over?

  • XXDEMON GAMERXX 5 years ago

    Sub to me

  • river thatsmyname 5 years ago

    How was she funny? She was just winey and annoying…

  • iWasHere Gaming 5 years ago

    31st view?

  • jacob bull 5 years ago


  • Unsellingwharf0 5 years ago

    I remember watching a video where jugg called geek his cousin. are they
    actually cousins?

  • Taylor Foers 5 years ago

    @doctor.pancake shut up

  • Mytube. Nathan 5 years ago

    wheres the q and a Weekly???

  • NotAFamousYoutuber 5 years ago

    Dead Bitch