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  • Stampylongnose 5 years ago

    #stampylonghead & #stampylongnose 

  • Stampylongnose 5 years ago
  • Elise Knox 5 years ago

    Not the real stampy people, he has no subscribers, real stampy has over 2

  • Kaylee Ruesink 5 years ago

    hi Stampy its Kaylee Ruesink I just wanted to tell you a suggestion of a
    maze that has a ceiling and you play it in the night with all you’re
    friends and try to meet each other in the middle and then try to beat each
    other out and turn on s seitch to give light to tell you are on youre way
    back Thanks Stampy

    – you’re #1 fan Kaylee Ruesink

  • Walrus Gamer 5 years ago

    The Channel has only 1 video you dumb people this guy is fake

  • Ender Sparx 5 years ago

    that 2nd one was scary

  • Josiah Santiago 5 years ago

    i cant belive this is by stampy i love watching him

  • Scott Nestor 5 years ago

    Lol lol lol Hahahahahhahahahahaha

  • bestlemming 5 years ago

    Good video. But why under a name other than your own. Why set up an account
    use another’s name and leech off them. That is in no Way cool. And makes
    everyone come on and call you out as the fraud you are. 

  • Stacey Goodall 5 years ago

    why did baigon canaidion say a swear stampy you don’t say swears so why did
    you do it

  • ElliaR100 5 years ago

    😉 Stampylongnose is the best so is squid!!!!!!!!!!

  • julissa rosales 5 years ago

    stampy i love yuor vede becues you are i love your vedo xoxoxoxo (:

  • Liam M 5 years ago


  • keyla quintanilla 5 years ago

    What would come first lee or cake
    My name is tzady one of your fans

  • krashdown102 5 years ago

    its funny how you leve cakes everywhere

  • valenteen buczek 5 years ago

    Stampy my brother says that he hates your videos.. but i think they are
    good…. :-) 

  • Harry Neil 5 years ago

    pink cloud. I hate stampy. I wanna shoot him with a gun right now. am
    trying my best not to.

  • The potatoes narwhal friend 5 years ago

    Great job with this stampy! you are so dedicated to your youtube channel
    and that’s why i’m your number one fan!

  • Mariela Clare 5 years ago

    fake stampy !!!!!! If it was real it would say ‘ subscribed’

  • Amilee Fugate 5 years ago

    Awesome video 

  • Tracey Bourne 5 years ago

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  • Joseph Soriano 5 years ago

    my son josh has watched all of your vids Stampylonghead

  • kk werner 5 years ago

    Are you going to do more videos in your lovely world?