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  • Ransafler 7 years ago

    you keep your souls cause because you get 8000 bolts

  • tealgamemaster 7 years ago

    I won’t do that since I upload more than just this series! I upload 3 a day…normally.

  • backtosimplicity1 7 years ago

    can you please uplode more than one video at a time

  • bacongamer1 7 years ago

    why are the cutscenes skipping lol. that’s weird for a console game. I feel like when insomniac and naughty dog went onto ps3’s generation the rivalry kind of died out. crash vs spyro, rac vs jak, you never hear about uncharted vs rac future series lol. Now that both ND and insomniac are now doing a variety of different stuff they kind of seperated.

  • ps3dcp8138 7 years ago

    @ninjajoshua1000 It’s not out in HD yet, so he waiting for it to be out in HD to do it.

  • alexthomson11 7 years ago

    i love these vid cant wait till crack in time

  • ninjajoshua1000 7 years ago

    what about deadlocked?

  • ps3dcp8138 7 years ago

    Wow, major desync at that cut scene… never had that happen the 7+ times I’ve played this game. Also, that skill point is for jumping off the top of one of the two Gelatonium waterfalls (the biggest one is the easiest I think) in the plant and ‘drown’. You don’t actually die.

  • Sawyer Anderson 7 years ago

    Does this count as exercise? My blood just gets pumpin’ when I see one of these is new! …wow I’m out of shape.