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  • Scorcher273 5 years ago

    hey awesome video man I would’ve subbed earlier but my laptop wouldn’t load
    the comments awesome video

  • Coppit 5 years ago
  • Olie O 5 years ago

    2nd! Your video is very enjoyable so far. I haven’t watched all of it. Keep
    making awesome content!

  • Triforce MC 5 years ago

    Hey Coppit! I found out about you through my friend Kornbro, and I was
    wondering if you wanted some GFX dont for your channel! Its completely
    free! ^-^ And I was also gonna ask for a shout out, you dont have to do
    that one though! ^_^

  • Alex Allen 5 years ago

    Hello Cobbit I have a money investment for you. i need a youtuber and your
    videos are great quality and I am willing to pay you to make a series on my
    server. Add me on skype oracledoesmc. thanks

  • pewdie girl 5 years ago

    Hey coppit im still subscribed to you could you sub to me i also made some
    new vids hey nice video so funny!!

  • David Power 5 years ago

    Which recording software do you use?

  • BenDuDe 36FS 5 years ago


  • ChaldoPlayzMC 5 years ago

    Hey man saw your comment and my vid love your vids <3 have any advice for

  • Toxic Peanut 5 years ago

    Haha very good! Keep it up brah!

  • The Xboy700 Project 5 years ago

    yo coppit i seen your comment on my video so i come to say Hi

  • JamaicanBacon23 5 years ago

    sub to me

  • AwesomeARD 5 years ago

    Great Video Coppit!! I got a laugh out of it! I was wondering what was the
    song used throughout the video? Thanks keep up the great work!

  • Red StrikesAgony 5 years ago

    Would you want to do a co-lab?

  • Ethan Harris 5 years ago

    Hey dude how exactly did you make that intro?

  • OmegaGamer 5 years ago

    Great video, man! Keep them coming :-D

  • GLgaming100 5 years ago

    Great video Coppit keep them up

  • AnthonyDMX 5 years ago

    Haha you have a nice laugh dude

  • Random SPHD 5 years ago

    1st! xD Nice video dude, wanna collab sometime? I’m trying to grow my
    channel out, I mostly do SG on my channel, but wanna try recording other
    games as well. Anyways, good job with this montage, and have a great day :)