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  • Bashful Brit | Gaming | Tutorials 5 years ago

    This series is pretty boaring…

    Joking, just wanted to make that pun XD

    I remember last episode you said there would be no early game flight haha,
    second episode….flying boar on a hoverboard….:P

  • Richard White 5 years ago

    I finaly got a youtube account and subd ;)

  • PatrickTitanic 5 years ago

    I commented something important below 😀

  • Ck thirsty 5 years ago

    Thanks for making a bad day better sl1p!

  • stav klain 5 years ago

    will the modpack be public?

  • Bart Van Wunsel 5 years ago


  • Stuff n' Pickles 5 years ago

    Fatty, fatty 2×4, can’t fit through the Bdubs door… -gennyb
    I know I’m not the only one who heard that in my head every time he said
    the boar was fat. lol. :p

  • Morgun Caley Berry 5 years ago

    yay more Sl1p

  • Donald Henrietta 5 years ago

    I almost died laughing man. Great video!!!!!

  • Martin Minkus 5 years ago

    Love it.

  • TheGameCommander 5 years ago

    Orespawn coins and T-shirts drop emerald tools when you kill them.

  • Austin Quick 5 years ago

    Anyone else worried Sl1p is spreading himself over too many LPs?

  • Ragnarok XII 5 years ago

    coins give you good stuff when killed just like that emerald axe

  • Paul Crowe 5 years ago

    At least they could have given you the achievement when pigs fly.

  • Schippy Padati 5 years ago

    I don’t usally play modded, or even watch it, but this series I’m
    definitely gonna watch, if not play as well. It looks really interesting!

  • Zack Abrams 5 years ago

    I’m glad this isn’t a hardcore techy modded series because OreSpawn is so
    overpowered. Happy it’s just durping around though :) 

  • Robin Kleindienst 5 years ago

    is this modpack available for us on any launcher sl1p? I really like it.
    BTW awesome vid man! +Sl1pg8r – Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! 

  • thom de boer 5 years ago

    great vid slip!

  • MrCreativekitten 5 years ago

    Great vid!!

  • EstelienMayalinn 5 years ago

    This modpack is just PERFECT for you hahaha. So much derp, so much awesome,
    just fantastic. Wasn’t sure about this series after the first episode, but
    it’s already growing on me.

  • Xenowolf 5 years ago

    The hover board squirts out rainbow smoke :D

  • Justin Butcho 5 years ago

    How can I play this modpack??

  • Brandon Abella 5 years ago

    I have gotta know this son slip. F᷉᷈o᷉᷈r᷉᷈ r᷉᷈e᷉᷈a᷉᷈l᷉᷈ b᷉᷈r᷉᷈o᷉᷈.
    N᷉᷈i᷉᷈c᷉᷈ev᷉᷈i᷉᷈d᷉᷈s᷉᷈ b᷉᷈y᷉᷈ t᷉᷈h᷉᷈e᷉᷈ w᷉᷈a᷉᷈y᷉᷈. K᷉᷈e᷉᷈e᷉᷈p᷉᷈ i᷉᷈t᷉᷈

  • RoFFen 5 years ago

    HAHA awesome! Thanks for making my day even better Sl1p! =)

  • Flamegazza321 5 years ago

    You should try and find what is called the duplicator tree in the utopia
    dimension (brown ant) it is one of the most OP blocks in the game, even if
    it is very rare. If you get a single block of it’s wood and place it down
    it’ll make an entire tree, and once fully grown it will over time duplicate
    any block placed within two block spaces of it’s base. Overall very useful
    and extremely overpowered.