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  • Azraf Shawty 5 years ago

    +BBDavR sure , i will :)

  • Rode G 5 years ago

    Ade doctor ni x tau nak rawat Lidah org..

    Baca semua ni Ikut atas ke bawah..

    This is chicken
    This is a chicken
    This is how, pig
    This is a pig
    This a is a pig
    There are pig
    There are chicken
    These are chicken
    Now baca ke-3

    Doctor : . . .
    Korang : Yes Lol
    Doctor : kau ni Gila ke?
    Korang : Mana ade!
    Doctor :kau ni x pernah troll org?
    Korang : pernah
    Doctor : Kamu x pernah ade gf kan?
    Korang: . . .

    Baca Dari atas ke bawah

    -RodeGaming YTT. 

  • Azraf Shawty 5 years ago
  • DaBeast023 5 years ago

    The end was part was the best xD
    Is there gonna be a part 2? PLS SAY YES!!

  • Faiz Faiezi 5 years ago

    boleh aku nk join

  • Izz Aiman 5 years ago
  • BBDavR 5 years ago

    Hey Azraf! Great Video, I liked! 😀
    I’m also a gamer, check out my stupid channel ! c:

  • Jacks2cool 5 years ago

    1000 subscribers is a lot, hot danm!

  • Vortex Gaming 5 years ago

    azraf lol video lah :3

  • Izz Aiman 5 years ago

    Ashraf mc mane nak masuk server mineplex kene ade wifi kuat ke or not

  • afnanhafidz 5 years ago



  • Minecraft AhmaAsyraf 5 years ago