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  • carlos villeda 5 years ago

    Wtf is this no GTA? 

  • Typical Gamer 5 years ago

    Absolutely INSANE!!! Watch the whole thing, we blew up 50,000 to over
    250,000 TNT BLOCKS!!! We blew up so much TNT that it crashed Hike’s PC,
    Internet and the Minecraft server! Be sure to SMACK that LIKE button if you
    want to see more Minecraft and let us know what you want to see! Thanks
    #TeamTG ! CHEERS! :D

  • Typical Gamer 5 years ago
  • angel colon 5 years ago

    Damnit! Too late… Just watched the last 15 seconds! xD

  • SuperNinja187 5 years ago

    Leetle leetle lee

  • E4V4N 5 years ago

    BTW the space between repeaters can be 14 redstone pieces

  • Charlie plays 5 years ago


  • zues121510 5 years ago

    28:00 I was on a laptop with a dual core i5 3320m. Intel hd graphics 4000.
    6gb ddr3 ram. And set off half a million tnt and I had no lag even when
    close to the tnt

  • Kevin Huang 5 years ago

    U can stack Mine cart TNT so its not a big explosion to me

  • Blazerbot 5 years ago

    This is how it all starts…

  • Raymond Jimenez 5 years ago

    yay i got TG to 2000 likes

  • Sahil Suleman 5 years ago

    Yo give me a shout out plz I’m a really big fan

  • Sean Hayes 5 years ago

    Does a typical gamer only do streams +Typical Gamer 

  • oliver atherton 5 years ago

    Please can you subscribe to my Chanel

  • Duck Ben 5 years ago

    Hey what app should i use to recored vid on 360

  • Lachlan Mckillop 5 years ago

    where is the link to the map!!!!! +Typical Gamer

  • ZOVIA Official 5 years ago

    Ok I love watching your streams they are really awesome, and extremely
    funny, but can you start making more informational videos again please☺️

  • 7t fPs 5 years ago

    Tg if you play on your razer blade you should connect it to power brick to
    get maximum graphics performance 

  • AjaxUrus 5 years ago

    map name?

  • Davin Stager 5 years ago

    Jim11jc shut up

  • Tara Smyers 5 years ago

    Hike the gamer you have a better castle

  • Ismael Chavez 5 years ago

    Chapo name is in the game wtf 

  • Mantas Kitas 5 years ago

    Download tnt mod there are tnt nuke

  • ComeBack FIFA 5 years ago

    wtf is this game?

  • Purge Gold 5 years ago

    TG blow up hogwarts #kaboom