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  • maveon carter 6 years ago

    u guys to funny leave the frams of the house hahahahaha (ok ill stop
    spamming u with messeges u guys are just to funny)

  • maveon carter 6 years ago

    u guys are boss

  • maveon carter 6 years ago

    not mad or anything but i really agree u should make a better client(:

  • MCDarkdranzer HD 6 years ago

    too dumb lol

  • TeamNeutralize 6 years ago

    Too dumb :(

  • HoneyBun 6 years ago

    Get a better client please..

  • jonteSUPERcodMASTER 6 years ago

    This Chanel is the next AvO, here why I think it is. High quality videos,
    not squeaky (i think i spelled that stona but i idc), speeding up and
    cuting parts so the video dont get boring, actually griefing and not just
    getting OP and world editing spawn like 10 year olds think griefing is,
    trolling too and making for

  • jonteSUPERcodMASTER 6 years ago

    oops, accidently commentated that when i wasnt finished lol. -making fun of
    people top and not taking everything deadly serius and enjoy yourselves and
    you dont jsut upload 100 vids of griefing 100 diffrent houses you upload
    more konds of griefing too. Best luck to you guys!

  • TeamNeutralize 6 years ago

    We need more viewers like you :)

  • MrGunman200 6 years ago

    dumbass its avolition

  • MilitaCobra 6 years ago


  • TeamNeutralize 6 years ago

    Like the Costa Rican money?

  • King Koronzeth 6 years ago

    Avo colones

  • Jose Pineda 6 years ago

    You guys turned to absolute shit… Team abolition is back guys! They are
    so much better than these stupid fucks

  • MrBlackishere 6 years ago

    I already did before i type the comment, i couldn’t be arsed to delete it.
    Thanks anyway :)

  • da Man 6 years ago

    You guys should grief this server the admins are stupid give out free op
    stuff and they advertise on other servers then when they come back on after
    advertising they encourage others to advertise on other servers.

  • TeamExecutiveGriefin 6 years ago

    love you guys <3

  • TeamNeutralize 6 years ago

    It’s not really remembering if you see a video with the names in it.

  • TeamNeutralize 6 years ago

    Try looking in the description -.-

  • Scott Meadows 6 years ago

    What griefing mod are you guys using? Nodus got shut down

  • HeyYou 6 years ago

    the hacked client is Flare hacked client

  • Brown Nlpples 6 years ago

    The stone block you saw while breaking the wheat is just a texture bug

  • Gilles Thewissen 6 years ago

    Do more world edit griefs with //replace like the sponge grief and you guys
    where the first griefing team i started to watch 😛

  • FaceImplosion 6 years ago

    I laughed hard when you guys suddenly ended up in jail. Didn’t see it come
    suddenly, lol

  • AllForGamerz 6 years ago