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  • Aster Li 5 years ago

    I think Graser’s high…

  • SlimeGaming| FPS Horror and more! 5 years ago

    Graser: I really want some dicks
    *Searches “LA Dicks”* LOL

  • Annette Hopkins 5 years ago

    Love these videos 

  • Hey Harris 5 years ago

    I love graser on pain meds 

  • Kelsey Roche 5 years ago

    Love you h! Thank you for making the best videos for us love you~kelsey

    PS my friend Rebecca like LOVES you like celebrity crush…lol

  • skill233 5 years ago

    The surgeons accidentally pierced through Graser’s brain and messed him up
    even more..

  • Joy Wang 5 years ago

    If only these were uncensored ;-;

  • HBomb94 5 years ago
  • Gavin McLaurin 5 years ago

    graser needs to get off the medicine.

  • SlimeGaming| FPS Horror and more! 5 years ago

    H, Straub, or Graser. Can you give us a hint on what G10 said in the intro?
    I really want to know xD

  • Nar Nia 5 years ago

    Graser’s my favourite Druggie!

  • Colorful Woofies xxx 5 years ago

    Did H purposely make the video 11:11 long xD am I the only 1 who noticed
    here ?!?

  • Aripeari 5 years ago

    I cant tell if Graser was high or nah…

  • Cesar Parzianello 5 years ago

    “Aw give him a big ‘ol smooch” LOL

  • BEASDIMENSION 5 years ago

    gimme a kiss

  • King Henry 5 years ago

    hey guys im the first commenter and flurbedurblurshtrfur

  • Eason Ho 5 years ago

    H probably seen some nasty things when looking for the dicks restraunt

  • Sarah Luvz Tuptakez 5 years ago

    1st comment!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • flaming002 5 years ago

    2:35 when H kills graser the chat says “Conndude27” killed him… Does that
    mean hbomb has an alt account?

  • Jordan Colangelo 5 years ago

    Why was name condude21

  • fyrick24 5 years ago

    in the beggining, i am just gonna say that graser said “F*** Sl**** ”

  • Random Junk 5 years ago

    2 min 15 likes and 31 views

  • Lani Borges 5 years ago

    when they go to LA? are they going to vidcon? (: